The Piazza has a brand new Twitter account

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The Piazza has a brand new Twitter account

Postby Big Mac » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:31 pm

The Piazza has a brand new Twitter account:
If you want to use Twitter to see what plots are hatching on the forums, come and join our flock.

Our other social networking connections are the Facebook group for The Piazza:

(This has 541 members.)

And the Facebook page for The Piazza:

(This has 1,317 likes)

There is also the Google+ community for The Piazza: ... 0110490941

(This has 325 members.)

And the Google+ page for The Piazza:

(This has 60 followers.)

The actual forums currently have 2,507 members.

Can Twitter ever catch up Facebook?
David "Big Mac" Shepheard
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Please join The Piazza's Facebook group, The Piazza's Facebook page and The Piazza's Google + community so that you can stay in touch.
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