Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

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This discussion board is intended to provide a discussion forum for those game worlds and rules sets that WotC is either unable or unwilling to provide proper forums for discussion.

The ultimate wishlist of gameworlds is something like this:

Campaign Worlds
  • Dark Sun
  • Eberron
  • Forgotten Realms
    • Al-Qadim
    • Kara-Tur
    • Maztica
  • DragonLance
  • Greyhawk
  • Mystara
    • Hollow World
    • Red Steel
  • Planescape
  • Ravenloft
  • Spelljammer
d20 Modern
  • Modern
  • Future
  • Past
Some of these forums have not been created due to lack of apparent need at this stage. Two (FR and Eberron) I do not plan to create for the time being, due to the fact that WotC is still supporting them with a forum, albeit reduced from their original status.

That said, I will support any campaign world they have published with a forum if a request is made here for such a forum.

Update 28-May-2008: I copied this over from another post, since it seemed rather important...

Just a note to say I have formal permission from Gamer_Zer0 from within the gleemax forums for this project...
Gamer_Zer0 wrote:No problem if they are just forums. I don't mind making a stick post with links to yours and other forums related to that topic, if that will help.
There have been no formal restrictions placed on the uses of this forum from WotC so far. It is my intention to be on good relations with that company, should that policy change later.
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