Broken Smiley Repair Thread

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Broken Smiley Repair Thread

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There is a known issue with certain old threads having smileys that have stopped working.

I've been looking for them and will fix them when I find them. Meanwhile, if you find any of your own posts with broken smileys, you can fix them easily with Thorf's advice from this thread: Old Smileys Not Working?:
Thorf wrote:I have found that I can re-enable smileys in a post by editing once to "Disable smilies" and then again to re-enable them. Perhaps all the posts have been marked with "disable" for some reason.
If you find any threads where the smileys are broken, please feel free to drop links to those threads here and I'll work through them in the order they are posted. (However, given that this does take time, I would ask you to please fix your own broken smileys before reporting the thread.)
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