Can you infer Underdark terrain from Blood and Darkness?

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Can you infer Underdark terrain from Blood and Darkness?

Post by Big Mac » Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:45 pm

I asked before if it was possible to infer a Chainmail campaign from the Guidebooks, but now I'm asking a similar, but slightly different question.

Can you infer "random Underdark terrain encounters" from the terrain placement rules in Blood and Darkness?

In the Chainmail skirmish game, each player brings terrain with their warband and places it on the battlefield. In roleplaying terms, that's a bit bananas. But the terrain included in the Set 2 Guidebook is an indication of the sort of thing that would be found in the Underdark (or Underoerth) of Western Oerik.

I have not worked out yet, if Blood and Darkness scenarios are supposed to be playable anywhere in the Sundered Empire, of if the guildbook is supposed to specifically represent skirmishes that occur in a specific part of the Sundered Empire (where Stratis's blood has burned a lot of holes into the ground and left lots of Divine Sparks that can be harvested.
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