[Ravella] What is a "Starstrike Archer"?

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[Ravella] What is a "Starstrike Archer"?

Post by Big Mac » Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:11 am

The wood elves in the Ravella faction have Starstrike Archers. The name interests me (because there is a vague possibility it might be something to do with space...and therefore Spelljammer), but I can't find any background information for them.

The Model Tactics page for the Starstrike Archer has this:
Model Tactics: Chainmail Set 4: Wood Elf Starstrike Archer wrote:Model Tactics
Chainmail Set 4: Wood Elf Starstrike Archer
By Rob Heinsoo

Model: Wood Elf Starstrike Archer

Faction: Ravilla

Why It Rocks: In the Salamander Trooper’s world of Damage Reduction, the Starstrike Archer manages to function as an equal.

Tips and Tactics: The Wood Elf Starstrike Archer only gets one shot per round, but that shot nearly always hits. Unlike most missile troops, it can take 3 damage before it even has to make a morale save. It’s the most reliable elf archer in the game, unless you decide to go the Independent Troop route. Pair the Starstrike Archer with the Gray Elf Imperial Noble for an endlessly repeatable shot that can strike the target that most needs hitting.

Enemies Who Hate to See It: Damage Reduction models such as the Salamander Trooper and the lycanthropes (Werebear and Werewolf Troopers) would rather not face the Starstrike Archer -- particularly not in the "Pain Cave" scenario.
I looked through the collection of Battle Sheets and there is no sheet for them. (So I'll have to figure out the "Damage Reduction bypass" mechanic they seem to have at some point.)

EDIT: I've found the Battlesheet. I see +1 longbows that do 1d8+2 damage (with +1 arrows). They are 4th level fighters, with Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot and Quick Draw (among other Feats).

I can't find anything about the history of Starstrike Archers in the Chainmail Core Rulebook. (The three mentions I see are just about what they look like.) And the Empire of Ravilla article, by Chris Pramas does not specifically name them.

Has anyone seen anything about these guys? Does anyone own the mini? Is there any blurb that comes with the mini that gives any details on them?
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