[Naresh] Where is the forest minotaurs were defeated in?

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[Naresh] Where is the forest minotaurs were defeated in?

Postby Big Mac » Tue Dec 26, 2017 11:39 am

I just found a topic on Canonfire called The Sundered Empire where GreyhawkGrognard was saying that there is a problem with the Naresh backstory and the map:
GreyhawkGrognard on Canonfire! wrote:I'm just baffled by the explanation of Naresh in Dragon 289. The description just doesn't seem to fit the geography. First we're told the gnolls "crossed...beyond the mountains" where they found "a lawless region well away from civilization" and claimed "a section of the forest", and they were said to lure the minotaurs "deep into the forest" to defeat them.

The problem is that there is no forest on the far side of those mountains! The gnolls started on the western side of the mountains, where the Abyssal Gateways were. Crossing the mountains would put them on the east side on the north end, where even the map in the main rulebook shows nary a forest anywhere near the place. There is, however, a section of forest contained within the boundaries of Naresh on the western side. That can't be it, though, because later on it says they "emerged from the mountains" to attack the elves (westward). So what gives?

There are forests to the south east of the mountain range separating the main Sundered Empire region with the lands the gnolls migrated to.

Does anyone think that the gnolls previously had more land to the south?

Does anyone think that the cartographer left a forest off of the map?

Did Chris Pramas make a sketch map that shows more forest than the official map?

Has anyone spoken to Chris Pramas about this?
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