Icarus found Black Moon Chronicles maps

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Icarus found Black Moon Chronicles maps

Post by Big Mac » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:58 pm

Icarus posted a picture of some orcs with a collection of maps, over at the Google+ community for The Piazza. The picture comes from a Black Moon Chronicles comic (I'm not sure which issue yet). Here is what he said there:
Icarus at the Google+ community for The Piazza wrote:Greyhawk - Chainmail (Sundered Empire)
I thought I might get some feedback or input on my thoughts about Western Oerik!
Piecing maps together, finding evidence linking the Black Moon Chronicles to Greyhawk, and the Sundered Empire.
Icarus at Google+ wrote:So ...
There's been small maps interspersed occasionally through the Black Moon Chronicles, which ostensibly correlate to Western Oerik.
I recently got the latest issues of the Black Moon Chronicles, and the pane shown here includes several maps, and I'm hoping that they can be identified!!
The main one the half-orc in red armor is holding looks to me like it could be Oerik, essentially from a latitude of the Sea Barons on an angle across to Thalos in the Sundered Empire on the western shore. the big area of water in the middle would be the Sea of Hyperboria.
I think the map the orc with the map in his mouth is holding looks like the coastline of Western Oerik, if West were towards his face.
So, the two would line up with the eating orc's right hand being at the same place as the red-armored orc's left thumb.

Agreement? Disagreement? Thoughts? Questions? Comments? :)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7yb1cd6k8mqx ... s.jpg?dl=0
I just found that Greyhawk Grognard has written an article about the picture: More Black Moon Chronicles Maps. That article has two of the maps chopped out and rotated, to make it easier to see what is on them.

I think one of the maps looks very much like the Chainmail/Sundered Empire map, but the other doesn't look quite as close. However, if you take a look at Ashtagon's maps (which are real-world maps - not Greyhawk maps) you can see that there used to be a big amount of difference in the interpretation of what the world looks like. It would be quite reasonable for there to be variations in the accuracy of different maps of Oerik...especially if the maps were made by a cartographer who was focusing on exploring one side of Oerik and including the other side based on academic research.
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Re: Icarus found Black Moon Chronicles maps

Post by Icarus » Tue May 08, 2018 3:19 pm

So, a little further consideration, a little later ...
I think that it's important to note:
This would be Froideval's version of the world. In his setting, it's Earth that is the first world of the BMC, and they later travel to an alternate-Earth.
But, these maps would, at best, be Froideval's version of Oerth, or something like it.
There's no indication of what would be Central Oerik, for it seems like Western and Eastern coastlines, without much in the middle ...
And even the Eastern coastline more resembles David Megarry's hand-drawn map of the Great Kingdom more than contemporary, published GH.
Also, as has been point out in other social media where this was posted, what would be the Sea of Hyperboria is oriented to point far too South, whereas in published GH, it's more east-west (or, horizontal) than found here.
It's only parallel to published GH, I'm not saying it's official … it merely equates to fanon that happens to coincide.

Also, keep in mind that I believe that the map in the hands of the red-armored half-orc only theoretically equates to the northern portion of the continent. As in the BMC, in Froideval's version, the southern realms aren't used or discussed. Essentially, the region looks similar to the Northwest of France (which is where Froideval resides).
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