[OD&D] Clean "forum sized" OD&D logo needed

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[OD&D] Clean "forum sized" OD&D logo needed

Postby Big Mac » Sun Nov 08, 2015 10:36 pm

I might be getting ahead of myself (as I don't think we are close to the point where an OD&D forum request could be made) but assuming that progress along, there will hopefully be a forum at some point.

The logo would need to go onto the Campaign Worlds page and match the other logos there. It needs to do the following things:
  • It needs to be a clean logo (so if you crop one from a RPG book, you need to get rid of the book background),
  • It needs to be 90 x 30 pixels to fit into the forum (If you don't save it that size, someone will need to do it again),
  • It needs to be saved in PNG format,
  • It needs to be kept in the right aspect ratio, so you need to add some transparent pixels around to logo, to centre it in the 90 x 30 space.

But what I am wondering right now is was there actually a D&D logo back then?

I don't own the books. Is there one in particular that would be best for grabbing a picture from, before the logoisation process is attempted? :?
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