[Supplement II] Could the Hit Location Rules Be Fixed?

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[Supplement II] Could the Hit Location Rules Be Fixed?

Post by Havard » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:16 pm

Even Dave Arneson said that he was not happy with the Hit Location Rules from Supplement II. I have not met any OD&D gamers who have said they use these rules. I do suspect that the Hit Location Rules, along with the Thief Skill Rules from Supplement I: Greyhawk were important in that they would become central to the development of RuneQuest. But in the history of D&D, it seems that this was a misstep.

RuneQuest is one of many systems that do feature Hit Location Rules, but would this concept even work with D&D?

I often felt that rolling for Hit Locations for every blow was annoying. One alternative could be to only roll for Hit Locations if the attack is a critical hit (natural 20). This could mean that the blow could cause some critical wound to the location hit, especially if that body part was not covered by armor.

Thoughts on this? Has anyone tried to fix the Hit Location Rules?


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