Ghost Feats for the living

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Ghost Feats for the living

Post by Big Mac » Fri Sep 06, 2019 2:06 am

Page 28 of the Ghostwalk hardback pretty much says that Ghost Feats are useless to anyone who is brought back to life:
Chapter 1: All About Ghosts: Feats wrote:Feats with the [Ghost] descriptor can only be used by ghosts unfetted by a physical body. A living creature can select ghost feats, but cannot use them unless a ghost. Ghost feats selected while the character was a ghost carry over to when the character is living, but cannot be used until the character is a ghost again. Magical abilities granted by ghost feats are often called ghost powers.

Ghost feats also have a ghost power path descriptor, such as [Corrupter] or [Haunt]. These categories do not limit feat selection in any way, but simply identiry which path a feat belongs to.

Unless otherwise stated, ghosts feats are supernatural abilities.
What I was just thinking was that there are some circumstances when a character might become "unfetted by a physical body" without dying. So I thought it might be interesting to consider if it would be appropriate to have some or all of the ghost powers work for an incorporeal (living) character.

I think this could...and probably should work for characters using the Astral Projection spell.

Can anyone think of anything else that removes PCs from their own bodies?
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Re: Ghost Feats for the living

Post by Khedrac » Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:49 am

Spirit Shamans get the ability to go incorporeal, now while this does not remove the SS from their body, the body is no longer "physical".
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