Does Ghostwalk need expanded Ghost Touch items?

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Does Ghostwalk need expanded Ghost Touch items?

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Dulsi was kind enough to point out that the main "unique selling point" of Ghostwalk was to "stop death stinking in D&D games". That was so useful a concept, that I put on my moderator hat and made it into it's own topic.

But looking at Ghostwalk, it seemed that characters can't do stuff, if they die outside of Manifest, because they can not touch things. So they can't make attacks and they can't even carry things. Spellcasters might not even be able to cast spells that require material components or a focus, if they were unable to pick those items up.

I'm still building my "Emergency Sean K Reynold's Hologram"* but I knew that wasn't right. Sean and Monte Cook wanted this thing to work. So I was thinking that if it doesn't work that either I've missed some sort of rule, something got edited out or they didn't have time to add some sort of rule in. One of those three. But I think I've figured it out now. Or at least started to figure it out.

* = "Please state the nature of the Ghostwalk emergency!" :P

I was looking at the SRD yesterday and stumbled onto Ghost Touch Armor and Ghost Touch Weapons and realised that these are the missing least they are missing pieces for fighters. Ghost Touch Armour and Weapons can interact with incorporal creatures. In a non-Ghostwalk D&D game, they would defend living PCs against ghosts. But they can actually be touched by incorporal creatures, so in a Ghostwalk game, they become the only armor and weapons that ghost PCs (and NPCs) can use (as far as I can see).

The trouble is, that there are no "Ghost Touch Items" except for these ones.

There is a Ghoul Touch spell, in the SRD, but it does not create the Ghost Touch effect. ;(

So it seem that we might need to reverse-engineer Ghost Touch Armor and Ghost Touch Weapons, to get a way to make other Ghost Touch Items. (Unless I've missed a Ghost Touch spell, that is somewhere other than the PHB.)
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