Paladins (and Unlawful Paladins)

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Paladins (and Unlawful Paladins)

Post by Big Mac » Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:39 am

I just noticed something interesting about the Paladin character class in Ghostwalk:
Ghostwalk: Introduction: The Ghostwalk Campaign: Classes wrote:Paladins are uncommon in Manifest. Of the two commonly worshipped deities in the city, Dracanish does not inspire paladins, and Aluvan does so only rarely. Paladins from outside the city who have been taught that ghots are "undead that aught to be dispatched" have a difficult time, finding themselves in the strange position of being on the wrong side of the law. Even those who realise and accept the situation are occasionally uneasy in Manifest. Still others adapt and have no problem working with or even existing as ghosts, happily fighting against the evil undead and necromancers that threaten the city from time to time.
Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting had some example Paladin Orders in it, but I don't see anything like that for Ghostwalk. I don't even see a list of what deity is worshipped where.

I'll see if I can work out a reverse table for Paladin deities that gives us any clues. For now, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that any deity except Dracanish, that is one setup away from Lawful Good does inspire some Paladins. So lets see how many Ghostwalk deities might have Paladin worshippers.

Paladins of Ghoswalk
[b]Name (Power)[/b]|[b]Alignment[/b]|[b]Inspires Paladins?[/b]|[b]Nations Worshipped[/b] [b]Aluvan (L)[/b]|NG|Yes (Rarely)|[b]Manifest[/b], Salkiria Chaniud (I)|LN|Yes|[b]Tereppek[/b], [b]Manifest[/b], Bazareen, [i]Dracanish (L)[/i]|LN|No|[b]Manifest[/b], Durann (L)|LG|Yes|[b]Salkiria[/b], Tereppek (dwarves), Thurkasia (dwarves) Eanius (G)|NG|Yes|[b]Thurkasia[/b], [b]Sura-Khiri[/b], Thurkasia [i]Galaedros (G)[/i]|N|No|[b]Sura-Khiri[/b], [b]Spirit Wood[/b] [i]Khostren (D)[/i]|NE|No| [i]Nessek (I)[/i]|N|No|[b]Bazareene[/b], [b]Xaphan (Inuitea)[/b] [i]Orcus (L)[/i]|CE|No|[b]Xaphan (Inuitea)[/b] [i]Phaant (L)[/i]|LE|No|[b]Xaphan (Inuitea)[/b], [b]Bazareene[/b] [i]Soggelos (L)[/i]|CG|No|Salkiria, Tereppek, Thurkasia [i]Tephaneron (I)[/i]|CN|No|Bazareene, Thurkasia Uhanam (I)|LN|Yes|[b]Terreppek[/b], Thurkasia (gnomes) [i]Wyst (L)[/i]|GC|No|Salkiria

I read the religion sections (and added bold locations) and then read the countries chapter and added the non-bold locations. What this tells us is that paladins can potentially be worshippers of Aluvan, Chaniud, Duraan, Eanius or Uhanam. (I've listed the deties that do not have paladins for completeness. Their names are in italics.)

PRE-POST EDIT: Bah! I should have just reread the countries secions. Here is what each one says:
[b]Nation[/b]|[b]Deity[/b]|[b]Description of Paladins[/b] Bazareene|Chaniud|"Very rarely is a holy champion of Chaniud born in Bazareene, but from time to time such a person comes to the notice of the church. These paladins ae trained to destory the evil enemies of the nation and often have an extremely narrow view of right and wrong." Hikirian Peninsula|Aluvan|See Manifest above. Salkiria|Duraan|"Duraan has few paladins, and most of them are female. They are often blessed with fine voices and lead church choirs in between missions of good. They traditionally wear white and ride only white horses." Sura-Khiri|Eanius|"Elf paladins are as rare as monks in the forest. A rare follower of Eanius has the potential to be a paladin, and these are often female elves who eventually establish a bond with an aerial creature such as a pegasus, griffin, or hippogriff." Terppek|Unstated*|"Paladins are not uncommon in Tereppek, although the population as a whole tends to be more moderate. They always seem to appear when hostile forces from Coil of Xaphan begin attacking, and travel elsewhere during other times for their zelous ideology is incompatible with the nonconfrontational nature of the typical inhabitant of this country." Thurkasia|None|(All paladins here have been visitors from Salkiria.) Xaphan (Inuitea)|None|(All paladins here were killed during the Liche War.)

* = Chaniud, Duraan (dwarves) or Uhanam.

This suggests that we have seven different paladin orders, dedicated to five different deities (with Chaniud and Duraan both having two different orders).

Has anyone got an idea about which of these paladin orders would be most likely to attack the ghosts of the City of Manifest?
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