Long term effects of life epiphany

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Long term effects of life epiphany

Post by Big Mac » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:20 am

There is a rule on page 12 of Ghostwalk about an event called a, life epiphany, that occurs whenever a ghost character is brought back from the dead.

A life epiphany allows a PC or NPC to instantly transform some eidlon levels into levels of any other character class. The character can convert all of their eidolon levels, some of them or none of them. They have full control of how many they convert (or don't convert). But once they are converted, they can't be converted back.

I've been wondering about how this might play out over time, as characters advance as ghosts, drop their ghost levels, and then start again as low level ghosts.

If you tie this into the Calling (which reading the rules again, seems to only apply to the eidolon class and not the eidoloner class) it seems like life epiphanies are a good way to reduce the risk of the Calling. Presumably, 20th level PCs would have at least 11 levels in a standard class and up to 9 levels in the eidolon class. :?

I'm not sure that ghost feats would convert over, so I'm wondering if a PC/NPC would end up with a bunch of abilities they can no longer use (or a bunch of abilities that exceed their eidolon class level).

Do you think that is intentional?

How do you think this could play out, if taken to the extreme? If a 2nd level PC/NPC became a ghost, levelled up, got brought back to life, dumped the eidolon level, became a ghost, leveled up got brought back to life again and dumped the eidolon level again, and kept repeating that, you could end up with a PC/NPC that had 18 levels of eidoln that were swapped out. What would the potential "residue" of those former eidolon levels be?
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