Races of Ghostwalk: Elves

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Races of Ghostwalk: Elves

Postby Big Mac » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:24 pm

There is no Character Creation section in the Ghostwalk book, to tell player's how the various races work if they are using the campaign setting, so I thought I would try to extrapolate from what is in other sections of the book.

Elves of Ghostwalk:
  • Arboreal Guardians/Spiritsong Court: The Arboreal Guardians* and Spiritsong Court live in The Spirit Wood surrounding the City of Manifest in the Hikiran Peninsula
  • Sura-Khiri: The largest population of elves for a thousand miles in any direction who live in The Forest Home
  • fishing communities (elves): Several unnamed fishing villages on the islands of Joru, Taull and Tehaney to the east of the Hikirian Penninsula that are part of a multiracial alliance of fishing villages.

* = Most, but not all, of the Arboreal Guardians are elves. They protect the trees that hold the spirits of dead elves.

I didn't see any elves mentioned in the write ups for Bazarene, Salkiria, Tereppek, Thurkasia or Xaphan.

It is a bit frustrating that even elders from around the world are part of the Spiritsong Court, but we don't even seem to know the name of the closest elven nation to Sura-Khiri (which I think is 1,000 miles away). It is possible that there could be smaller elven nations that are closer than that, but they would need to be significantly smaller than Sura-Khiri, to fit in with canon.

It's also a shame that the elven fishing communities and the "three island alliance" didn't get any sort of formal names.
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