Races of Ghostwalk: Gnomes

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Races of Ghostwalk: Gnomes

Post by Big Mac » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:20 am

There is no Character Creation section in the Ghostwalk book, to tell player's how the various races work if they are using the campaign setting, so I thought I would try to extrapolate from what is in other sections of the book.

Gnomes of Ghostwalk:
  • "Hill Tribes" (gnomes): Several (or two) gnomish colonies that live on the southern slopes of the Varlin Mountains and Ferrisin in Thurkasia
  • Sevvil city gnomes: Gnomes living alongside humans in the mining city of Sevvill in Tereppek, who operate siege engines that defend the city.
I didn't see any gnomes in the write ups for Bazarene, the Hikirian Peninsula (outside of Manifest), Salkiria, Sura-Khiri or Xaphan.

It's a bit frustrating that the Thurkasia section doesn't name the gnome colonies (and that they are listed as "several colonies" in on place and two colonies in another place). I'll have to think of a way to deal with that. Presumably the humans in Thurkasia care so little about gnomes that they don't bother to use their proper names. Perhaps the barons of Thurkasia have turned two of the gnome leaders into barons and are unaware of other gnomes that are also hidden in the Varlin Mountains. :?
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