Races of Ghostwalk: Halflings

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Races of Ghostwalk: Halflings

Postby Big Mac » Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:02 am

There is no Character Creation section in the Ghostwalk book, to tell player's how the various races work if they are using the campaign setting, so I thought I would try to extrapolate from what is in other sections of the book.

Halflings of Ghostwalk:
  • Baanth cave communities: Several halfling communities that migrate between a few clusters of caves in the Hills of Baanth.
  • fishing communities (halfling): Several unnamed fishing villages on the islands of Joru, Taull and Tehaney to the east of the Hikirian Penninsula that are part of a multiracial alliance of fishing villages.
  • Ghostwalk caravan runners (halflings): Halflings running caravans along the ghostwalk who are usually related to families living in the Hills of Baanth.
  • Salkirian city halflings: Halflings living alongside humans in the cities of Salkiria.
  • Vineyard plantation owners (halflings): A few rich families that bottle high quality wine in very small bottles.

I didn't see any halflings in the write ups for Bazarene, Sura-Khiri, Tereppek or Xaphan.

It's shame that the gnomish fishing communities and the "three island alliance" didn't get any sort of formal names.
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