Inuitea and it's refugees

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Inuitea and it's refugees

Post by Big Mac » Thu May 17, 2018 5:16 pm

Inuitea is...or island of fishermen and other seafarer's off of the coast of the Malatran Peninsula.

But then cultists started operating there and eventually brought forth servants of Orcus, who helped them take over the island and kill most of the people living there.

That's the story, but not all the natives would have been at home when the cultists attacked. There would have been some ships at sea. Some might have returned, but others might have escaped the conversion of human Inuiteans into undead. There might even have been some sailors close to ports who were able to get down to the docks and launch a ship after the cultists started their attack on Inuitea.

What do you think would have happened to the Inuitean survivors? Would they be scattered across the entire area of the Ghostwalk map? Would they be concentrated in the coastal cities (where their seafaring skills would be most useful)? Should there be a "New Inuitea" colony on a part of the coast or an island the map has not named?

The write-up for the island (now renamed Xaphan) states that a small number of living people are on the island. How many of these do you think would be original Inuitean natives and how many do you think would be people captured on the mainland and brought to Xaphan?
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