Circle Magic (Galaedros)

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Circle Magic (Galaedros)

Post by Big Mac » Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:22 pm

The church of Galaedros has access to Circle Magic. (It's on page 28 of the Ghostwalk book.)

Members of a circle all have to take the Circle Magic Feat (page 29) and there needs to be 2-5 participants, as well as the circle leader (who gains the benefits of the power of the circle.

It takes an hour for all the people in the circle to concentrate enough to power the leader of the circle. They all need to stand within 10 feet of each other and have to be in contact with natural earth or stone.

The write up says that a lot of high-level spellcasters of Galaedros lead circles on a daily basis to better defend the lands of Sura-Khiri against the yuan-ti.

Has anyone done anything with Circle Magic? What sort of things have you done with it?

Do you use Circle Magic to make PCs "pay" towards the cost of spells cast on them by high-level NPC healers?

It would appear that worshippers would need to be outside to carry out Circle Magic and that a yuan-ti attack on a circle could damage or kill some or all of the 3 to 6 spellcasters engaging in this ritual. Has anyone used an ambush on a Circle Magic ritual in a yuan-ti plot?

Has anyone created any sites similar to Stonehenge in Sura-Khiri? What sort of effects could a natural site enhanced with stones or other objects have on Circle Magic?

Would you make a site magical and have it add a +1 or higher bonus to the power of the circle?

Would you have a site be sanctified?

Would you create some sort of magical barrier that protects against arrows or other missiles?

(I'm pretty sure this was raided from Forgotten Realms, so I'll have to hunt through my FR books to see if they have any additional information on it.)

EDIT: It looks like some Arboreal Guardians (pages 19-21) are also clerics of Galaedros. If there were a number of divine servants of Galaedros in a Green Bond (the Aboreal Guardian group protecting a specific Spirit Tree) they might be able to learn to use Circle Magic. The two things might stack well together (both as themes and for min/maxing).
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