"Council of Wryms" not "Dragons are killing machines"

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"Council of Wryms" not "Dragons are killing machines"

Post by Coronoides » Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:16 pm

The setting is called "Council of Wryms" not "Dragons are awesome killing machines"

I think the potential sophistication of roleplaying within the setting is often overlooked because everyone focusses on the physical power of dragons as PCs...

Council of Wryms is a High Fantasy with a difference. The theme is not the war against evil but one of preventing war. The Council tries to maintain stability and peace. I love this feature of the original boxed set. Good and evil are starkly defined, Firebrand of Bloodtide (CW book3 p18) is an arch-villain and chromatic dragons an obvious evil, but sometimes you must negotiate with evil to maintain the peace. The existence of neutral gem dragons and the arrogance of metallic dragons that leads them to treat non-dragons as lesser beings further muddies things. The domains are also very dependent on each other, without trade vital goods would become unavailable (CW book 2 page 21). Threats can be internal: conspiracy, provocateurs, assassination, stealthy raids, land grabs, or unchecked military growth in preparation to overthrow the Council. Threats to the peace can also be external: giants, drow, or dragon slayers; however threats are often tangled; a rebellion by non-dragons weakens a domain and provides an excuse for a red dragon clan to annex the lands and enslave the rebels. Even good gold dragons would crush a vassal rebellion in their lands. With so much of real-world pop-culture focusing on unsetting the status quo how will your players react when they realise opposing the Council’s status quo would push the Isles toward all out war and terrible suffering?

So anyone have any social/political/roleplaying adventure hooks?
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