Rogue Dragons (not Rogue class)

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Rogue Dragons (not Rogue class)

Post by Coronoides » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:05 pm

In 5e Factions provide benefits and a method of tracking advancement in Clan and Council hierarchies. Factions are the carrot to get involved in dragon society and schemes.
There is also a stick. Dragons who fail to abide by the expectations of dragon society can be outcast, declared ‘Rogue’. Here i represent a PCs growing reputation as a outlaw as if it was a faction.

Rogue Dragons
A rogue dragon is not necessarily a member of the Rogue class.
Not really a faction but definitely a social strata consisting of those who are becoming isolated from the the moderating influence of the clans and Council (CWB46). Sometimes this occurs because of differences in beliefs with the clan, either a different alignment or an extreme intolerant version of the usual alignment. Neither maraudering chaotic evil nor crusading lawful good is tolerated in dragon society, both threaten the peace. Another reason a dragon might be declared rogue is due mental illness causing the dragon’s behaviour to become erratic, very worrying in a living engine of destruction. Foreign dragons from beyond the Io’s Blood normally fail to meet the standards of behaviour expected on the Io’s Blood and have no relatives here, therefore they are automatically considered rogues on arrival.
Rogues can’t even rely on other rogues. Rather than position within a group a rogue’s ‘rank’ indicates the dragon’s reputation for being a rogue. If rogue rank ever exceeds rank in another faction all ranks in that other faction are immediately lost, you are disowned (See DMG21-22 for design of usual factions, the Rogue is a bad mirror image of that).
Rank 1: Annoyance. 1 Renown. You have a reputation within at least one clan for being an unruly scoff-law or antisocial rebel. Dragons who deviate from the usual alignment of their clan quickly reach this rank, those who deviate on the Law-Chaos axis usually do not progress to higher rogue ranks. The authorities are watching to see if you are going through ‘a phase’ or developing into a true rogue dragon.
Foreign dragons arriving in the Io’s Blood immediately gain this rank and are watched closely. Those foriegners who fail to gain membership in a clan automatically gain 1 point of rogue renown per year in addition to any warranted by their actions. An immigrant who is not a member of a clan or the custodians has no protection and can legally be robbed or even killed.
Rank 2: Cautioned. 3 Renown. A Clan Lord or other higher ranking dragon who is a Councillor on the Platform of Wryms has warned you that you must change your ways and that you are being watched. You are well known as a trouble maker within at least one clan domain.
Foreign dragons reaching this level are approached by a high rank member of the Custodians of Concordance and instructed to pledge allegiance to a Clan Lord or the Custodians within a reasonable amount of time or leave the Io’s Blood Isles. From a dragon point of view a reasonable amount of time is around 7 years, less if the immigrant is a trouble-maker.
Rank 3: Felon. 10 Renown. Your behaviour and lack of reform has irked the Clan Lord and you are formally charged with a crime. Your punishment stripping of a rank within the clan, confiscation of non-bonded treasure or land, or indentured service.
Clan-less foriegners achieving this rank are censured by the Council who deliver an edict indicating the punishment for not integrating into Clan and Council society
Rank 4: Rogue. 25 Renown. Dragons who deviate from the usual alignment of their clan on the Good-Evil inevitably disagree with the dragon lord of their clan. Since open rebellion is punished by death or outcasting dragons who reach this rank renounce their clan and become true rogues, dragons without a clan. Those who cannot convince others to come with them and attempt to found a new clan must survive alone in the wide regions beyond clan lands. In either case you lose all ranks in your previous clan and that clan will likely seek to exterminate you.
In the case of clan-less immigrants reaching this rank their disregard for dragon laws and culture has made enemies of the native dragons of Io’s Blood. Most native dragons will drive you away or kill you outright. They may do so without fear since you are outside of the protection of any clan and the Council.
Rank 5: Hunted Rogue. 50 Renown. Many rogue dragons turn to theft or banditry to survive. For others continued antisocial behaviour or obsessive quests finally drive the majority of Platform of Wryms to issue an edict for your immediate extermination. All clans are obliged to kill you on sight and most clans have a dedicated force of dragons and kindred actively hunting you. You are unlikely to survive another year. Both dragons of rampaging evil and zealous questing good have been hunted like this.
Immigrants who spurn membership of any clan or the Custodians are judged to be a threat to Io’s Blood culture and the stability of the status quo. Public opinion against the immigrant grows until the Council inevitably loses patience and votes in an edict calling for the assembly of a force to hunt down and kill the interloper.
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