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Adventures converted to 5e SPOILERS

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:13 am
by Coronoides
Those of you following my conversion efforts can now begin to use the adventures in Book 3 of the boxed set. As I complete the first draft of the conversion notes for each adventure they will be posted here. As usual I would love your feedback especially if you play through any of the adventures. Note that this thread contains spoilers so players stop reading here.

General Notes
The adventures in the boxed set proscribe whether dragon or vassal PCs are used and are written as if no one is playing a half-dragon. In this conversion I avoid the DM arbitrarily dictating to players which of their PCs they use and leave the descision to the players. Most players will understandably use all their characters on most adventures. Therefore when converting adventures I assume a ‘standard party’ of 4 bronze dragons (a mid-range breed) and 4 vassals with equal xp and one half dragon with double the xp of the others; 9 PCs all up. These large numbers of PCs require an extension of table for Encounter Multipliers (DMG82) for designing encounters. Fortunately a little algebra can figure this out and these numbers have several years of playtesting.
I have reassessed each adventure and given an appropriate level. Assessment included looking at the typical progression of a miid-range dragon breed (the bronze) compared to her 2e equivalent recommended in the adventure and looking at the most difficult combat encounter and setting a character level where this encounter was hard to deadly for our typical party. Usually, these two different methods produce very similar recommended levels.
When awarding experience divide the story-based rewards in CWC by 10. Where a xp reward is ‘per PC’ award once per player instead. Use the usual xp rewards for monsters given in the 5e MM. If a player has two active characters they get half as much each, if one member of a kindred bonded pair is active that character gets 75% of the xp and the partner 25%.

Not the Draca!
As the first adventure in a typical campaign, this scenario is for 5 characters and/or character sets total levels 7 each. It assumes that dragons have the Custodians’ Ward background. There should be at least one dragon PC for the plot to make any sense. 1st level characters can be killed instantly by a lucky blow from an ogre. Therefore the kindred of new gold dragons cannot take part. I would assume that the non-dragon PCs work for the Custodians or are visiting the Aerie on business. When the dragon PCs have made enough noise to raise the alarm then the other PCs are nearby and arrive the next round. The bond between kindred and dragon does not exist yet. The heroics of those kindred who do show up provides a nice backstory about why the dragon’s elders will assign the PC vassals to be kindred. I would also have Fireclaw (C7) hatch three rounds into the fight and try to claim the credit afterward (use wrymling red dragon MM98 but add Languages High Draconic, Chromatic, and Survival skill +2).
Unlike the original 2e adventure, no further rules for the weakened state of just-hatched dragons are needed, this conversion delays some features until a dragon’s first birthday anyway.
Given their placement on the map (CWC11), I would expect the ogres (MM237) to be met not all at once but in waves of 7 or less. Therefore this is a Medium danger adventure (assuming four 5th level dragons, four 2nd level kindred, and a 7th level half-dragon all starting characters with 0xp). Krug can be treated as a normal ogre but with Int 10 and 79hp (no change in his Challenge or xp). A typical xp reward would be around 1350xp per PC for the fights. Dividing the printed story rewards by 10 as much as 1725 more xp per player can be earned. The total is 3075xp for single PCs or 1537 for each character if both in a set are active, enough to raise the kindred to 3rd level. The adventure is worth 2 renown within the Custodians faction for dragon PCs however since they are not of sufficient age they cannot rise to the next rank within the faction.
After this adventure assign at least two years of downtime to allow the kindred bond to be forged and for PC dragons to enter a class.

Re: Adventures converted to 5e SPOILERS

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:44 pm
by Coronoides
A good way into Colour Blind. Have to say “Not the Draca” is by far the simplest and shortest conversion. All the others will be much longer and take more time to produce.

Re: Adventures converted to 5e SPOILERS

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 12:02 pm
by Coronoides
How do I post a picture? My conversion of "Colour Blind" includes two small maps.

Re: Adventures converted to 5e SPOILERS

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 12:35 pm
by Sturm
You have to use the img tag, which is the third button from the right above in full editor move.
Between the two tags you have to put the url of the image (i.e. must be an image stored on the web or on a site you own).

Re: Adventures converted to 5e SPOILERS

Posted: Fri May 11, 2018 11:51 pm
by Coronoides
Let's try this...
Player's handout for Colour Blind. Propose route from Aerie to Dwarftown

Re: Adventures converted to 5e SPOILERS

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 10:06 am
by Coronoides
I'll be making several posters per adventure as material is completed. All this is at the draft stage and any comments no matter how minor are welcome.
This first part covers the introduction and the journey to Dwarf Town.

Adventure Two: Colour Blind
As usual for this conversion players can decide on what mix of dragons, kindred, and half-dragons to send. This is an adventure for 4 to 9 PCs of around 18th level. The hardest encounter in this adventure is 12 frost giants, a just beyond deadly encounter for our typical party of nine (four 18th level young dragons aged about 6 to 25 years, four 18th level kindred, and a 23rd level half-dragon). However in that final fight the giants are supposed to get away, it is not a fight to the death, and the PCs need only figure out the mystery to succeed. Therefore a smaller party could easily complete the adventure. Note the difference from a typical D&D campaign, at 18th level most D&D campaigns will be winding up, this Council of Wrym’s campaign is about half way through.
The adventure is a good one although the plot relies too much on coincidence for my liking. Three conspiracies all happen to be discovered by a witness who just happens to lose his voice just before the PCs happen to show up, I mean really? Additionally, the other thing is the big iron cage. How did the dwarves make it so fast? Where did they get all the valuable iron shaped into long bars? I think a makeshift sturdy but wooden cage makes more sense.
Given that the custodian is sending them off to see if they can cooperate I would add the evil Fireclaw into the mix (C7). By this time Fireclaw will be the same age as the PCs (use young red dragon MM98 but add Languages High Draconic, Chromatic, and Survival skill +4). Despite what the PCs might expect Fireclaw does not betray them unless she sees a large gain and is certain she will not get caught.
Starting the Adventure
Player’s map. Print the map above and hand it to the players.
Although Dwarftown is not marked on the poster map in the boxed set it is an over 1000 mile journey from the Aerie to the Eastern Shore of Majyst. This journey is given no consideration in the original adventure. They cannot take the most direct route, typical young dragons have around CON18, insufficient for the sea flight from Fang to Watertown. I suggest a likely route below. I suggest you draw a map for them to follow and have Mykell give it to them and tell them to “fly swift over the ocean. In the end longer at a more moderate pace can lead to worse exhaustion”. If the PCs take another route then use the example as a model and roll random encounters. The typical travel pace for a young dragon flying is 64 miles a day (slow 43, fast 85) but to cross the seas sometimes a forced march will be required. A typical journey follows. I have aready rolled for random encounters on this journey.
DM’s map. This map has the typical days of travel marked in red.
Day 1-2 overland NNW from the Aerie to the shore.
Day 3 They fly North 85miles across the straight to Exaurdon and reach the shore at the end of the day. Flying at fast pace avoids having to make forced march checks. They camp that night in the forest near the shore.
Day 4 they fly over forests and mountains to arrive at the City of Gold in the evening. Whether they have left All Clans Isle before or not the large impressive City of Gold deserves some attention. Read or riff of the following:
“As you pass over the foothills and the sun begins to set the peak of a mountain ahead gleams as if it is on fire. This is your first glimpse of the City of Gold. Spiralling up on the winds until you are level with the distant city you are so high you can see your home All Clans Isle to the South. Closer you can see the burning light is from many gold dragons flying over the city and from the gold coating many of roofs, columns, and huge statues. The wealth, size, and power of this metropolis carved from the rock of the mountain is staggering. The circling gold dragons pay you no mind as you approach their city.”
Should you need it more information on Clan Exaurdon is given CWB9-10 and Book 2 of this conversion. The Clan is so powerful that it has no overt enemies. Golds are also arrogant. For these reasons I decided that a few young dragons would be ignored as not a threat and not important by the golds. However once the PCs land vassals will recognize that a mixed-breed group of young dragons must be from the Custodians. Vassals will make the sign of the eight-pointed star (CWB24) and generally try to be helpful, though they still charge the PCs for lodging, food, and other services.
Day5: This is a great random encounter; the players get to control PC dragons fighting a Council of Wryms specific monster in the air! Flying ENE over the mountains they are attacked by Ogre Wyvern Riders who fire their massive longbows at the PCs before closing. Start the encounter with the wyverns springing out out hiding and taking to the air when the PCs enter the long range of the ogre’s bows (600 ft.). There are sufficient ogres and wyverns that the giants feel confident enough to take on the dragons. However, the PCs are so far away the ogres fail to spot the vassal heroes astride the dragons until it is too late. This will be a Medium encounter. 6 Ogre riders (viewtopic.php?f=81&t=19605) on 6 Wyverns (MM303).
Day 6-7: they fly across the plains without events.
Day 8-10 they reach the Northern forest of Exaurdon Island. No Encounters day 8-10. At the end of day 10 they reach the coast and rest for another endurance flight across the straight to Splendour Island.
Day 11: the narrow of the straight is 100 miles across. At fast pace (10.6 miles an hour) it is a 9hour 26min flight to Splendour Island. There are no encounters during the flight but this is a test of endurance. At the 9 hour mark they must make a CON save DC11 or suffer one level of exhaustion (PHB291). If they then have a meal and a longrest on the shore this resets. Sometimes though players choose to do the unexpected.
About Splendour Island
Splendour Island is home to three clans with very different cultures. The green dragons of Evilwood (Malsvirgrovis in Draconic), the golds of clan Resplendence (Vorelnoach), and the Topaz dragons of clan Dry Air (Thraejing). The proposed route does not take them to any of the cities of these clans; they fly along the neck of land that is probably the border of Evilwood and Resplendence. If the PCs decide to detour to settlements of any of these clans the only information we have on them is on the poster 3 “Dragon Clans of Io’s Blood Islands”. The dragons that Hammerim is dealing with are from Clan Evilwood but the is no chance the PCs will stumble on this information even if they visit the city that bears the clan’s name.
The following is extrapolated non-canon.
The neck of land connecting the northern and southern portions of Splendour is the border be-tween the Domains of Vorelnoach and Malsvirgrovis. Without a major river, mountain range or other natural geographic feature to define the border the neck is disputed lands. We know drag-ons of Malsvirgrovis are happy to trespass on the lands of other clans CWC19 and therefore are likely to not only dispute the border but also cross the neck into the northern lands held by Vorelnoach to hunt illegally. The results of these transgressions are covert raids conducted by both clans to destroy each other’s border settlements and fortifications. Neither clan is currently keen to bring the matter before the Council at this point. The golds want to re-establish settle-ments on ‘lost’ territory to strengthen their claim before bringing it to the Council while the Greens will avoid involving the Council as long as possible to grab more land and slaves. There-fore most dragons of both clans will avoid conversation with the PCs who are Custodians who might bring the matter to the Grand Custodian Mykell who would regard the raids as a possible threat of dragon-war and take it to the Council. Dragons of both clans will urge the PCs to fly through quickly, the golds with false concern for youngsters close to the green’s border and the greens with threats.

Day 12-14: The map indicates they should fly across Splendour Island at the narrow ‘neck’ joining the north and south portions of land then angle northwest to another narrow straight. About 185 miles all up, just under 3 days travel at moderate pace (64 miles per day). While day 12 and 14 pass without incident, Day 13 is especially eventful.
Day 13: About 9am they have the misfortune of encountering a Green Dragon. Achuakoth (Greentooth) is antagonistic and acuses them of being trespassers and unwelcome spies for the meddling Council. He threatens violence if they do not fly north for a day. If they comply he follows at a distance of about a mile and a day is added to their journey. They are on Council business and can lawfully cross. If they refuse then Greentooth attempts to murder the lot of them and hide the bodies. Achuakoth is an Adult Green Dragon who has severely underestimated the humanoids aiding the dragon PCs. This is an Easy fight. If he takes 100 damage (107 hp left) he attempts to flee. If Fireclaw is with the PCs she urges them to “punish this slight against the Council with death for this foolish green”.
Around noon of the same day when the PCs land for lunch a Black Bear watches them from hiding hoping to eat any scraps after the dragons leave. PCs with a passive perception of 10 or greater (most PCs) spot the bear lurking at a distance of about 100 feet away at the edge of the woodland meadow.
Past midnight that night (technically day 14) a wood elf scout finds the PCs. The vassal gets close enough to observe them with Darkvision (50ft away). Awake PCs notice her if passive perception is 17 or higher. Her name is Seleth and after observing the PCs to 2 rounds sneaks away to report to her master; an adult gold dragon named ‘Champion Sunfire Resplendence’. If discovered she avoids combat and tersely keeps conversation to a minimum wishing the PCs well on their journey.
Wood elf scout go here scroll down viewtopic.php?f=81&t=19605
Day 15. The narrow of the straight sparating Splendour from Majyst is 50 miles across; even at a moderate pace PC dragons can easily cross in a day. There are no random encounters this day.
Day 16. The PCs do not encounter any creatures as they wing their way to Clear Lake. They arrive at the city in the afternoon. No description of Clear Lake city is given in the boxed set.
About Clear Lake
We know from the map that Clear Lake is inland within a cool temperate forest. It is the capital of clan Majyst and is ruled by Gemmenna a female amethyst great wrym.
The following is non-canon
I have taken cues from the city’s name and location as well as the descriptions of amethyst drag-ons in the boxed set and 2e MM when describing the city. Given that the Dragonlord is a great wrym and it is a clan capital, the city is probably large and prosperous.
In the afternoon you reach the lake. True to it’s name the lake’s water is still and clear. The lake is dotted with sailboats with brightly coloured sails and painted figureheads. At first even the keen eyes of dragons see no sign of the city on the northern shore but as you get closer you can make out little doors and windows in the lightly wooded hillocks and narrow cobblestone roads between them. Quite unlike a spired city of elves, this must be a city of gnomes. There are also larger, dragon-sized austere marble arches and porticos on some hillsides and beneathe the glassy waters of the lake. As you spiral down to a clear space by the busy docks gnomes stop their work to make the sign of Io and kneel or bow.
The city of Clearlake accommodates it’s 20 000 residents almost entirely underground. Just be-neath the surface is a winding warren of interconnected gnome burrows filled with comfortable homes, workshops, libraries, mushroom farms and cart tunnels. Dragons live in lairs dug out and lined with marble and limestone to create austere underground palaces. Gnome tunnels never connect directly to dragon lairs for security reasons and the oldest wealthiest dragons dwell be-neath the lake away from thieves and talkative inquisitive gnomes.
The gnomes of Clearlake are friendly cheerful people who provide their service to visiting drag-ons free of charge and direct them to an old empty lair to rest. The gnomes still charge for any goods the PCs buy.
The dragons of Clearlake behave like serious nobles. They are coldly polite to visitors and prefer to be left alone.
While we wait for WOTC to release official gem dragons there are fan versions on the Internet and Kobold Press has released a good book of them on the DM’s Guild. ... -of-Faerun

Day 17. The PC’s flight over the lake and forest to Dwarf Town is uneventful.

Re: Adventures converted to 5e SPOILERS

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:07 pm
by Coronoides
Things to know…
Finally, the PCs arrive at the village and discover the white dragon prisoner. The adventure can be run mostly as presented. Here I present the statistics of the NPCs involved.
…About the very young white dragon
For Snowfire use the White Dragon Wrymling statblock (MM102) except he has 36hp when fully healed and 14hp currently. Snowfire has survival skill +2. Also he only speaks chromatic and then only after being healed to at least 32hp. It is very likely that Fireclaw will have to act as translator and the PCs may suspect treachery when there is none.
…About Elder Hammerin
Where possible I use existing stat blocks from the MM. However, some of the NPCs in the ad-ventures cannot be represented this way. When this occurs I create a new NPC type. Hammerin is an Overseer with LN alignment and proficiency in smith’s tools.
Clan’s Dwarf Elder Overseer
Medium humanoid (Hill Dwarf) any alignment
Armour Class 14 (bronze breastplate)
Hit points 60 (8d8+24)
Speed 25
STR 17 (+3), DEX 11 (+0), CON 16 (+3), INT 13 (+1), WIS 9 (-1), CHA 14 (+2).
Skills: Deception +4, Persuasion +4, History +3, one kind of artisan’s tools.
Senses: Passive perception 11. Darkvision 60 feet.
Languages: Common, Dwarf.
Challenge: 2 (450xp)
Damage Resistance Poison
Dwarven Resiliance advantage on saving throws against poison.
War Pick. Melee weapon attack. +5 to attack roll. Reach 5 feet. One opponent. Damage 8 (1d8+3) piercing.
Multiattack. Due to his skill the Overseer can make two war pick attacks in a round with his single pick. (DPR15).

Overseers are respected clan’s dwarves who are responsible for the smoothe running and de-fense of an important industry such as a mine or smelter.
About Elder Malletal
Malletal is a Clan’s Dwarf Elder Captain of (imperfect) Lawful Nuetral alignment with the De-ception skill +2. He is proficient in smith’s tools but rarely plys this trade nowdays.
Clan’s Dwarf Elder Captain
Medium humanoid (Hill Dwarf) any alignment
Armour Class 17 (Half plate)
Hit points 72 (11d8+22)
Speed 25
STR 16 (+3), DEX 15 (+2), CON 15 (+2), INT 12 (+1), WIS 11 (0), CHA10 (+0).
Skills: Perception +3, Persuasion +3, History +4, one kind of artisan’s tools.
Senses: Passive perception 13. Darkvision 60 feet.
Languages: Common, Dwarf.
Challenge: 5 (1800xp)
Damage Resistance Poison
Dwarven Resiliance advantage on saving throws against poison.
Enchanted War Hammer +2. Melee weapon attack. +8 to attack roll. Reach 5 feet. One oppo-nent. Damage wielded two-handed 11 (1d10+5) bludgeoning.
Multiattack. Due to his skill the captain can make three war hammer attacks in a round with his single hammer. (DPR33).

Captains are the leaders of militia platoons. They have left the craft they learned as an appren-tice behind to be full time soldiers who train and drill the militia patrols they lead. A captain might be in charge of the defence of a small village but larger settlements will have multiple cap-tains answering to Highborn officers.
…About Elder Naluri
Elder Naluri is a Clan’s Dwarf Elder Administrator of Lawful Evil alignment proficient in callig-rapher’s supplies. Her illuminated ledger books and reports are almost artworks in their own right.
If you have a stat block for Young Amethyst Dragon then she also carries a potion of amethyst dragon control. She keeps the potion out of sight because the penalty for owning such a potion is death.

Clan’s Dwarf Elder Administrator
Medium humanoid (Hill Dwarf) any alignment
Armour Class 14 (studded leather)
Hit points 35 (5d8+10)
Speed 25
STR 14 (+1), DEX 16 (+2), CON 14 (+2), INT 16 (+3), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 17 (+3).
Skills: Deception +5, History +5, Investigation +5, Perception +4, Persuasion +5, and calligra-pher’s supplies.
Senses: Passive perception 14. Darkvision 60 feet.
Languages: Common, Dwarf.
Challenge: 2 (450xp)
Damage Resistance Poison
Dwarven Resiliance advantage on saving throws against poison.
Enchanted Short Sword +2. Melee weapon attack. +6 to attack roll. Reach 5 feet. One oppo-nent. Damage 8 (1d6+4) piercing.
Sneak Attack. Once per turn, the administrator can deal an extra 11 (3d6) damage to one crea-ture she hits with a short sword attack if she has advantage on the attack rol1. She does not need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn't incapacitated, and she does not have disadvantage onthe attack rol1.

Administrators record the activity of a dwarven village or worksite and report to their superiors. They are expert at calculating taxes, investigating skimming and tax evasion, as well as detecting forgeries and fraud.

Potion of Amethyst Dragon Control
Potion, legendary
There is no official version of any potions of dragon control for D&D 5e yet. Use the description below until an official version becomes available.
After drinking the potion for the next 5d4 rounds the imbiber of the potion is able to control one amethyst dragon at a time as per the dominate monster spell. As per the spell Concentration is required. Each time the imbiber switches to control another dragon the dragon may make a sav-ing throw.
…About Keryst
D&D 5e does not have offical statistics for Young Amethyst Dragons yet. An excellent version of gem dragons for D&D 5e by Kobold Press can be found here ... -of-Faerun. When using the linked book gem dragons of the isolated Council of Wryms setting lack the Planar Travel ability. If you don’t have this resource then it is easy to keep Keryst out of combat, just assume he lets the PCs deal with the dwarves and giants, and that Naluri does not have a dragon control potion and therefore cannot force him into combat.
…About Dwarftown Village
This section needs few additional notes.
Rolling river. DC19 athletics check to swim across.
Naluri’s home. Only contains a potion of amethyst dragon control if you have a stat block for Keryst. The Dragon slayer sword is described in the DMG. Note owning the sword is illegal and carries the death penalty.
Dragon Cage. As mentioned earlier the dragon cage might be a makeshift but sturdy wooden contruction rather than iron. Torvin is a Clans Dwarf Captain(see below).
Clan’s Dwarf Captain
Medium humanoid (Hill Dwarf) any alignment
Armour Class. 17 (Half plate)
Hit points. 42 (6d8+12)
Speed. 25
STR 20 (+5), DEX 13 (+1), CON 15 (+2), INT 9 (-1), WIS 8 (-1), CHA 12 (+1).
Skills. Athletics, Intimidation, and one kind of artisan’s tools.
Senses. Passive perception 9. Darkvision 60 feet.
Languages. Common, Dwarf.
Challenge. 3 (700xp)
Damage Resistance Poison
Dwarven Resiliance advantage on saving throws against poison.
Glaive. Melee weapon attack. +7 to attack roll. Reach 10 feet. One opponent. Damage 11 (1d10+5) slashing.
Multiattack. Due to his skill the captain can make two glaive attacks in a round with his single weapon.

Clan’s Dwarf Captains have left the trade of their apprentice years behind to become full-time soldiers. The soldier’s life attracts tough dwarves with few other prospects. Those who are tough enough to rise to be captains either command militia platoons themselves or act as second in command to a Clan’s Dwarf Elder Captain or Highborn warrior. Clan’s dwarf captains become powerful offensive fighters to compliment the defensive training of the clan’s hearth guards.
Event One: Something Rotten in Dwarftown
This event can play out as per the book. Be sure to call for the use of social skills like Insight DC10 if the players don’t catch on that Snowfire is trying to tell them something. Insight DC15 to confirm Naluri is hiding something or is anxious to see the white dead, and Persuasion DC10 to convince Keryst to let them look into the matter.
Event Two: Exploring the Forest
To confirm that Hammerin is leaving something out of his version of events Insight DC 10.
At the Western Clearing
The PCs can make an Investigation (Intelligence) check. They will probably all want to do this. Explain that each PC can search themselves (one check) or aid another character giving that PC Advantage, not both. To compare their efforts to the dot points CWC25 see below
5e PC’s result 2e CWC25 dot point
15-18 up to 3 less than the required success number
19-21 4 to 6 less than the required success number
22-23 7 to 8 less than the required success number
24+ 9 or less than the required success number
Tracing the white dragon’s path through the forest requires a successful Survival (Wisdom) check DC15. Snowfire’s panicked crashing through the undergrowth leave a lot of traces and it is easy to follow the trail to the water’s edge as described CWC26.
At the shore
If they track Snowfires dash back to the shore when they arrive immediately compare the groups’ passive perceptions (PP) to the dot point list on CWC26. A conversion is given below. If the players ask for a perception roll let them have this too. Finally, if the spend time searching call for investigation checks and use the same outcomes. If it omes up the shore is about 1600 feet from the Village.
5e PC’s PP or result 2e CWC26 dot point
15-18 up to 3 less than the required success number
19-21 4 to 6 less than the required success number. This result may lead to a DC10 Survival check to track.
22-23 7 to 8 less than the required success number
24 9 less than the required success number
25+ 10 or less than the required success number
Marine Scrags
Large giant, chaotic evil
Armour class. 17 (natural armour)
Hit points. 92 (8d10+48)
Speed. 10, swim 30
STR 18 (+4), DEX 13 (+1), CON 22 (+6), INT 7 (-2), WIS 9 (-1) CHA 7 (-2)
Skills. Perception +2 check
Senses. Darkvision 60 ft. Passive perception 11
Languages. Giant
Challenge. 5 (1800xp)
Amphibious. The scrag can breathe both air and water.
Keen Smell. The troll has advantage on smell based Perception checks.
Regeneration. The scrag regains 10 hit points at the start of its turn. If the troll takes acid or fire damage, it does not regenerate at the start of its next turn. The scrag only dies when it starts its turn with 0 hit points and does not regenerate.
Multiattack. As one action the scrag can attack with both claws and its bite.
Claw. Melee attack: +7 to hit, reach 5ft, one target, 1d4+4 slashing damage.
Bite. Melee attack: +7 to hit, reach 5ft, one target, 2d6+4 piercing damage.

Scrags are trolls adapted to life in the water. Scrags are slow on land because they are legless with long tails like merfolk and merrows. Marine scrags are more adapted to the water than their freshwater cousins; the arms of the marine scrag have atrophied like a seal but their shark-like maw delivers a devastating bite.

Interestingly, I think the (land) troll in the MM has only a +1 perception when it should have +2.
At the northern clearing
I have split the Observation roll called for on CWC27 into two separate checks.
A DC15 Survival check if successful reveals the first dot point
A DC18 Investigation check if successful reveals the second and one clear dragon footprint which is to prompt them to make a survival check to look for tracks.
Event 3: Kill the dragon!
When conducting this scene with the 5e rules be sure to call for social skill checks where appro-priate. Mordiak uses the Clan’s Dwarf Soldier stat block below, I would allow the PC dragons to intimidate him but his Wisdom save roll to resist has advantage given the circumstances. It is important to remember that the young dwarf woman bringing the food does not know it is poi-soned. Asking the young woman will reveal Naluri gave her the food. Naluri denigns poisoning the food and resists the player’s insight rolls with her Deception skill. If the Amethyst dragon stat block you are using does not include the ability to neutralise poison then Keryst is carry a vial of antitoxin. It is likely that 5e players will seek to solve the poisoning with antitoxin if they don’t have any then Keryst will offer his.
Clan’s Dwarf Soldier
Medium humanoid (Hill Dwarf), any alignment
Armour Class. 16 or 14 if using crossbow (ringmail and shield, disadvantage on stealth checks)
Hit points. 13 (2d8+2)
Speed. 25
STR 16 (+3) DEX 10 (+0) CON 14 (+2), INT 10 (+0), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 10 (+0)
Skills. Perception +3, Athletics +5. Proficient in one type of artisan’s tools.
Senses. Darkvision 60 ft. Passive perception +3
Languages. Dwarf, Common
Challenge. ½ (100) I’m pretty sure the second one is right.
Damage Resistance Poison
Dwarven Resiliance advantage on saving throws against poison.
Battle Axe. Melee weapon attack. +5 to attack roll. Reach 5 feet. One opponent. Damage 8 (1d8+3) slashing.
Light crossbow. Missile Weapon attack. +2 to attack roll. Range 80/320. One opponent. Dam-age 5 (1d8+0) piercing.

The bulk of any dwarf settlement is made up of clan’s dwarves. These citizens are apprenticed at a young age into a craft but are also expected to train with the stronghold’s militia. Those who take to soldiering spend more time on patrol or guarding than crafting during peacetime and act as troops in times of war.
Event Four: Act of Desperation
Given the shorter combat rounds in 2e Naluri should have her second potion of dragon control on her and use Keryst to fly her to the shore (1600 feet away, 10 rounds flight with the Dash action taken each round and flight speed 80). There isn’t time for her to go home for her magic sword but we can assume she has it hidden under her cloak incase the PC dragons get to close to the truth. Remember just owning the potions and dragonslayer sword is punishable by death.
After the battle with Naluri Keryst offers them hospitality to make amends and orders a feast that night. This also gives the dwarves time to search the homes of the criminals and deliver the treasure the victorious PCs get a share of. Don’t forget to divide all printed stry based xp rewards by 10.
If the PCs do actually meet the 12 frost giants these use the stat block from the MM. As de-scribed in the book they are more intent on getting away than fighting to the death. Assume that with the huge oars the giant boat has a speed of 100 and can therefore get away.

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Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:27 am
by Coronoides
After a brief break I'm now back to this conversion. Next The journey home from Dwarftown.

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Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:12 am
by Coronoides
The Journey Home
The PCs will likely retrace their steps to return to the Aerie. In this section I pre-rolled the random encounters that fill out this long journey. Here I show how you might use random rolls made before the session to launch extra story lines thus helping a busy DM fill out her campaign.
Day 1: Three encounters!
8am Dwarf vassal (Patrolled/Domain), Before they leave the PCs are approached by a dwarf mi-litia patrol carrying a small chest. The Dwarves might be led by the newly promoted Mordiak whose misplaced anger actually has impressed Keryst who sees someone who hates Whites as an asset in this location. The new captain of the dwarves states that Keryst left in the night but re-quested the PCs deliver the chest to Dragon Lord Gemmenna, she is currently on All Clan’s Isles as Majyst’s Platform of Wryms representative. They are instructed not to open the sturdy chest which is nailed shut and has a wax seal at the join of the lid and box. The wax is stamped with the claw rune of Majyst. Shaking the chest produces no noise. The best way to stay out of trouble is to not open the chest. If they want to open the chest smashing the chest to splinters is easy for a dragon (STR Athletics DC20, or do 15hp of bludgeoning or axe damage). Inside is a lot of cloth wrapped around a suede bag holding 200 pearls worth 100gp each. On seeing the pearls Fireclaw immediately suggests they split the pearls and dump the chest then claim they were at-tacked by an overwhelming number of ogre wyvern riders with a powerful shaman who took the chest. “If we stick to the story no-one will ever know” argues Fireclaw. You can sweeten the deal by offering Inspiration to dragons with greed based flaws. If only less than half of the group PC decides to not go with her plan Fireclaw urges the others to murder their companions in the wilds and blame the fictional ogres. If the PCs don’t do with her plan she will denigh ever sug-gesting it.
12noon Ettercap (Forest). You are spiralling down into a into a forest clearing at noon to rest and feed when you notice that benethe the canopy is a mass of thick white webs. The ettercap re-sponsible is laying low and waiting for the dragons to leave. If they try to figure out what made the webs they first encounter big but normal spiders. The forest is a maze of tunnels in the web-bing 6ft tall and 5ft across. Note to the players that they move through the forest with difficulty. If they persist DC 13 Survival to find weird two clawed prints, DC13 survival to follow the trail. Finally, DC19 perception to spot the ettercap hiding above the trail obscured by webbing. If threatened it flees first and only attacks if pursued for 2 rounds or it takes damage. In this fight the PC can squeeze (PHB192) down the web tunnels or Make a strength check DC 11 each round to move and fight and suffer difficult terrain. Forget flying. Even with these advantages the ettercap wont last long. A Search near the fight scene (DC14 investigation) finds carcasses picked clean and a dwarf toddler ‘Tildy’cocooned in silk.
Day 1 Midnight Dwarf Vassal/Kindred (Patrolled Domain). The PCs are overnighting in Clear-lake in an old empty lair they are directed to by the gnomes of Clearlake. The lair is on the out-skirts of town. Around midnight a dwarf trade caravan from Dwarftown passes the lair and wor-ried looking dwarves politely wake the dragons. They are relieved to representatives of the Cus-todians. The dwarves want help a toddler wandered away from the caravan while they were in the wild woods. Fireclaw sees no reason to help the dwarves and stays behind. Acceppting the mission deprives them of a long rest. It is a 4 hour flight back to were they lost Tildy and leads to the ettercap encounter.
And that’s just day 1!
Day 2 afternoon around 5pm the PCs see a column of smoke rising from the forest. If they spi-ral down they see a large encampment of among the trees ogres (if players ask there are more than 10 big tents but it is hard to be sure how many through the forest canopy (there are 14), if they somehow count them all there are 28 ogres here). If the dragons approach the ogres quickly space themselves out across the clearing and prepare clubs and javelins. More javelins are stacked at the base of every tree. They do not attack unless attacked though. If the PCs Land the leader of the band mercenaries approaches. “We paid by Majyst tribe, keep green dragons out. Yous not green. Yous not purple rock. Yous go NOW! Or we kills yous lots!” Majyst is totally within its rights to drive off trespassers even kill them as long as a full on dragon war is not caused. The ogres don’t know or care about the importance of the Custodians and are to stupid to understand even if it is explained to them. The encounter highlights that Majyst is not ‘Good’ and as pragmatic neutral is happy to employ sadistic ogres who eat fallen foes.
If it comes to a fight the ogres are a Medium challenge for a standard party. While rather stupid their dragon employers have drilled them in some simple anti-dragon tactics.
The ogres always stay at least 15’ apart, the nearest to the dragons engage with clubs the rest hide behind trees popping out to toss javelins before returning to cover.
End of day two sees the dragons at the shore
Day 3 is spent flying over the water. There are no encounters.
Day 4-5 no encounters
Day 6 around 5pm. The sound of deep Drums echos from the forest bellow. Another ogre war-band this time on the move and carrying a banner with the claw rune of Malsvirgrovis (Clan Evilwood) and beating huge drums with elf thighbones. If Approached they say “We is vassals of Evilwood. We is livin’ here and pa-troll-ning.”
• If there is a gold dragon with the PCs they brandish their weapons and point at the gold “You is trez-tress-not sposed to be ere, we try kill you, you fly off” (roll initiative, they assume the Gold is of Resplendence).
• If there is no Gold PC the ogres don’t attack “Yous may go, not hang about or we kills the lot of ya”
The truth is they are Evilwood vassals but they live far to the South. This is another spurious at-tempt by Evilwood to back-up their claim to the disputed neck of territory. If a fight occurs the ogres have be taught by the greens to rush in 6 at a time and attack one dragon at a time, those who don’t close to use the trees for cover and throw javelins (each has 3). The idea is to concen-trate attacks until one dragon is dead then move on to another There are 28 ogres who attack golds first then other metallics. There are 26 ogres in the patrol.
That evening the PCs reach the coast.
Day 7 is spent crossing the sea. The Procedure is as described for day 11 of the journey out. No encounters.
Day 8 around midnight while the PCs are camping in the forest they are approached by a centaur patrol. “State your business in the lands of the Kyros Tribe friends of Clans Exaurdon and Sea-spray?” The centaurs are initially brusque but if the PCs are friendly they soon find themselves guided back to the centaur’s camp for a night of revelry.
Day 9 nil
Day 10 at about 4pm as they fly over the plains they see a large pack of 8 wild dogs (use Jackle stats MM 331). Unless the PCs deliberately fly down to exterminate the doggies this comes to nothing.
Day 11 nil
Day 13 6 am as the PCs are breaking camp in the mountains when they see the shape of a huge dragon rise over a nearby ridge. The morning sun gleams red like fire of the dragon’s metallic scales. The dragon is an Adult Gold (MM114) called Golden Wing [Aurixstrat] who is flying out to hunt the ogre bandits who have been harassing travellers as they fly over the mountains. Burn-ing Justice feels not particular urgency in his quest and is will ask if he can escort the party back to the City of Gold. He is curious about any encounters they have had while on Exaurdon Island but does not care about news from beyond his clan’s island. “What other’s do on their own is-lands is not our concern, that is what keeps Io’s peace.”
However, he is happy to accept the PCs help hunting out the lair of the ogre wryvern rider ban-dits. This diversion is left to you to improvise if it occurs.
If the PCs somehow end up fighting Golden Wing it will be an Easy Encounter but if anyone discovers the murder the Law in Exaudon will be out to execute them and the act threatens the neutrality of the Custodians so they will be stripped of all ranks in the Custodian Faction.
In the evening of day 13 they arrive at the City of Gold.
Day 14-15 nil
Day 16 midnight day 16 a patrol of hobgoblin bandits. Living so close to the Aerie bandits aren’t stupid. They have a pact with the Custodians but are not above sneaking into dragon controlled areas for careful banditry that leaves no evidence. Seeing the PCs camp fire the hobgoblins had hoped to find vassal travellers they could rob, murder, then destroy the bodies. The hobgoblins creep forward (they are proficient in Stealth and have advantage from crawling prone through the long grass DC18 to spot them). If they are not spotted or believe they have not been spotted they surround the camp and then creep up until they see dragons in their Darkvision 60ft away. Left alone they slink away to find easier prey. There are 10 hobgoblins and one hobgoblin captain. If it comes to a fight the hobgoblins scatter each running in a different direction most will escape. Those caught will fight to the death or lie saying they were travelling as an armed group because of attacks by another hobgoblin tribe and that they were in dragon territory seeking help.
Day 17. No encounters. The PCs arrive at the Aerie in the early evening.

Next: The Terrible Alliance!
I'm really looking forward to converting this next adventure there are lots of cool encounters (pun intended) and it is centred around the traditional enemies of the dragons, giants!

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by Coronoides
Work is progressing on "The Terrible Alliance". You can see new monsters as they appear here viewtopic.php?f=81&t=19605&p=217238#p217238
There is already the stats for Odifal the frost giant chief.

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by Coronoides
Adventure Three: The Terrible Alliance
This is my favourite published Council of Wryms adventure. It features the two great external enemies of the setting, the giants and Dragonslayers, and makes good use of both Kindred and Dragon PCs. It also helps with continuity since some previous NPCs show up in this adventure.
Enough PCs should be dragons that they can carry the others across the sea. Once there they will likely split the party into two manageable waves, humanoids who provide stealthy recon then dragons for the final assault. However, players being players don’t be surprised if they go off-script. As usual I have assumed my standard party of nine PCs. The final conflict at the end of the adventure will probably be against a frost giant jarl (I use the more flavourful termininology from the 2e MM rather than ‘chief’), two ‘juvenile’ white dragons (Young), a frost giant shaman, about 15 frost giants, and a dragon slayer. That’s 20 creatures against 9 PCs. As written the storyline is the dragons should be 26 years old and about to leave the Aerie. At that point they would be expected to be about 16th level, the final fight as described is a suicide mission. I need to cut down the big fight scenes to suit PCs of this level. Best way to do this is to cut the numbers of frost giant warriors to three.
Mostly, this section requires no changes. However, there is one change in the start of the adventure caused by the change to 5e rules. With only four age stages there are fewer Dragonsleep periods. The PCs will not be emerging from dragonsleep but they might be sleeping off the revels of their shared coming of age birthday.
Additionally, I have provided detail for the long journey from the Aerie to the hidden lair of the frost giants but not the return journey. Depending on how the adventure ends the PC dragons may decide to spilt up and head for their respective clan domains at the end of the adventure.
Starting the Adventure.
The easy way to account for the lack of dragonsleep is to cut the first sentence from the script (CWC32)(Another period of dragon sleep has ended, and now you and your clutch companions have advanced to the age of juvenile—gaining all of the powers and abilities that go along with that age.) . Like all scripts an experienced DM with paraphrase and add material to reflect the personalities of the PCs anyway. One issue I have is what if the PCs now of age decline to help? One way to avoid this is to have Mykell approach them and say that the Advocates from each of their clans have nominated the PCs to act as a multi clan investigation team to ensure the information can be trusted. Snowfire will accompany them to at as a guide to the suspected lair. As always I would send Fireclaw with them as an additional chromatic representative.
As in “Colour Blind” the PCs are expected to travel half way across the Isles but no mention of this travel is given in the adventure. Have Mykell hand them a map of the suggested route. I have pre-rolled the random encounters for a typical journey.
The PCs can easily island hop most of the way but eventually would have to cross the cold sea of the ominously named Maelstrom Reach. The shortest journey across this treacherous sounding sea is either from the northern coast of Majyst to Frostwind Domain or from Maelstrom city to the Domain of Clan Sunlight. Either journey is about 250 miles across open ocean. Does a young dragon even have the endurance to make this flight? The weakest of the metallic dragons is the Brass breed. Assuming MM emulation the dragon has Con 17 and flight speed 80ft. They are very unlikely to make it at standard pace. At fast pace they cover 11 miles an hour. In a normal 8 hours of travel they cover 88mile. 162 more miles to go at forced march, that’s 14 hours and 44 minutes of forced march with a highest CON save of DC14. A brass dragon would have about +8 to his save and a typical roll of 18. They will probably make it. If they are going to undertake such a dangerous journey they may as well also cross the straights to Fang Island and Watertown.
Alternatively, they could head for the City of Gold then on to the port Maelstrom and catch ships to Glacianta. The overall route is longer. I’d present the case through Mykell’s words
“I have had a map prepared. The journey is not difficult except for crossing the cold stormy waters of Maelstrom Reach. Even at its narrowest points the sea is 250 miles across. Flying at fast pace you could most likely make the crossing in a day and a night assuming the weather holds; the season of winter storms has passed. However, if your endurance gives out then you will fall into the sea and perish unless you can breath water and are immune to cold. If you are willing to risk that crossing you may as well also fly the straight to Fang Island and then to Watertown.
If you are wise enough to avoid the flight over Maelstroms reach there is the slightly longer route going through the City of Gold to the great port of Maelstrom where you could try to commandeer a ship to the coast of then sail along the coast. Sailing day and night will be almost as fast as braving Maelstrom’s Reach on the wing. If you take this route I will write a letter stating you are on Custodian businesses and are to be given a ship. Here is a map of this route.”

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by Coronoides
Just a heads-up that this project is continuing. Most of the visible progress is at the thread ‘Council of Wryms Monsters converted to 5e’ on the D&D 5e board. Progress is slow due to paid work and other commitments but will continue I have a couple of players keen to play this campaign late next year.

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by Coronoides
Player handout map of proposed route for getting to "The Terrible Alliance".


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by Coronoides
I’m about 1/3 of the way through converting “The Terrible Alliance” and about to describe the port of Maelstrom. Anyone have any ideas about what this town might include or be like?