RoleAids Dragons: Could it offer anything to CoW?

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RoleAids Dragons: Could it offer anything to CoW?

Post by Havard » Tue May 01, 2018 10:08 pm

Has anyone thought of using the old Dragons supplement from RoleAids with Council of Wyrms?


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Re: RoleAids Dragons: Could it offer anything to CoW?

Post by Big Mac » Wed May 02, 2018 12:42 pm

The Blurb for Dragons (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Role Aids) says this:
Dragons (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Role Aids) on Amazon wrote:The lives, histories and cultures of the dragon races and introduces a new character class: The Dragonlords. Included are three independent, but related adventures for characters to assist the Dragonlords in a war of epic proportions.
So this is a war, where Council of Wyrms seems to be in a state of peace.

Perhaps this war could be used in a similar way to the way that Greyhawk Wars changes Greyhawk.

Or perhaps the war could be used as a different part of the Council of Wyrms planet.

Or perhaps the war could be used as another part of the Council of Wyrms history (either the past or the future).

The cultures might work as the backgrounds of specific Io's Blood Islands clans.

Or perhaps the cultures would need to be located in another part of the world (especially if the war was put in another part of the world).

If the cultures were put in the past or future, I think it might only really be possible to use the two together if time-travel was involved.

The three adventures sound useful, but they are all tied into the Dragonlord concept. So the question is: How true to the Council of Wyrms vibe is the idea of Dragonlords?
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Re: RoleAids Dragons: Could it offer anything to CoW?

Post by Boneguard » Wed May 02, 2018 1:21 pm

Without having een it the Dragonlord could be a class for the demihuman companion of the Dragon.

And the State of Peace is a very thin veneer as you have a lot of covert infighting amongst the Dragons, plus the external threat of Frost and Fire giants and the dreaded Dragonslayer.

So it could actually be quite relevant.
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