Legend of the Five Warhammers (Rokugan/Warhammer crossover)

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Legend of the Five Warhammers (Rokugan/Warhammer crossover)

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How good a fit would Rokugan be if it were transplanted into Warhammer's Cathay region? GW never really developed the area, so it is to a large extent a blank slate.

Nezumi are more or less Skaven. The Rokugani myth of the Nezumi once being highly civilised and mystical can be dropped in favour of Skaven being Skaven without much loss.

The Shadowlands is, at least nominally, a stand-in for Chaos. This creates a small complication, in that Rokugan's Shadowlands region is to the south of the main empire, but that could be used to add extra interest to teh overall geography. Why is there what amounts to a mini- Chaos Gate over there? Or is it some other type of magic entirely?

The Naga are more difficult to integrate into Warhammer. They don't really fit Warhammer lore at all. The only lizard-liek race is of course the Slann (and their kin). In theory, they could be replaced with a lost Slann city hidden in the Shinomen Forest that for whatever reason is willing to maintain diplomatic contact with the surrounding humans, but that feels like its pushing the envelope of what is Warhammer.
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Re: Legend of the Five Warhammers (Rokugan/Warhammer crossover)

Post by Big Mac »

What do you mean by "transplant Rokugan into Warhammer's Cathay"?

I've looked at the map on the Rokugan map on the Rokugan article on L5R Wiki and the Cathay article on Warhammmer Fantasy Wiki and it looks like Cathay is about three or four times wider than Rokugan.

Cathay also bends out to the east, as you go further south, while Rokugan bends in to the west, as you go further south.

There is a detached bit of land on the far east of the Warhammer map. I suppose you could make that into Rokugan,have a small sea to the west of Rokugan and then put Grand Cathay on the western side of that sea. That would let you use Rokugan and Cathay together instead of rebooting one or the other.
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