[MotRD] Red Death with the AD&D HR Series

"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all." — Edgar Allan Poe
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[MotRD] Red Death with the AD&D HR Series

Post by Havard »

So in this thread BPIJonathan mentions an article in Dragon showing how Red Death can be run in other historical eras besides the default Victorian age:
BPIJonathan wrote:Its not really a connection, there is an article in Dragon Magazine (I have forgotten the issue number) that gives some information about using Red Death in other eras and how to use the HR books as part of it. They were not written with MRD in mind..
Does anyone know what issue of Dragon this is from?

For Reference's sake, this is a complete list of the AD&D HR Series:

THE AD&D HISTORICAL REFERENCE SERIES (TSR) In this post I also discuss how these books can also be expanded with the Mystic Vista and Avalanche Press Series.

The idea of using the HR series to flesh out the historical eras of the Red Death setting is growing on me. I could see running games in past eras as described in those sourcebooks, or perhaps running a Masque of Red Death Campaign involving Time Travel. This is the setting where HG Wells actually built his Time Machine, is it not?

How do the rest of you feel about mixing up Red Death with the HR series?


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Re: [MotRD] Red Death with the AD&D HR Series

Post by ripvanwormer »

Does anyone know what issue of Dragon this is from?
"Seeds of Evil" in Dragon #249.

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Re: [MotRD] Red Death with the AD&D HR Series

Post by Bloodsucker »

While I didn't use the green HR books or even the MotRD setting, I ran a homebrew that started in a prehistoric ice age real world setting where the P.C.'s as members of a specific family hunted vampires in general and one vampire specifically down through history in every era of history and I was prepared to take it all the way into the 25th century with space ships and laser guns. Using MotRD would only improve the way I ran that homebrew, in my opinion.

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