[MotRD] D20 Past Setting Info

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[MotRD] D20 Past Setting Info

Post by Havard » Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:13 pm

I've been looking through the D20 Modern sourcebook, D20 Past, and found various references to Victorian and Old West setting elements that would fit right into Masque of the Red Death. It is a shame that WotC never published a D20 Modern Sourcebook for Gothic Earth, but I suppose that would have violated their contract with White Wolf/Arthaus at the time.

Shadow Stalkers
The most relevat information is found in Chapter 4: Shadow Stalkers. This details Earth in the year 1872. This is a few decades prior to MoTRD, but most of the contents should still be relevant.
Shadow Stalkers is linked to the Shadow Chasers campaign from the main D20 Modern Sourcebook.
  • The Fellowship: An organization of monster slayers, including Shadow Slayers, Occultists, Shamans, Spiritualists, Mesmerists and Frontier Marshalls.
  • Baskerville Hounds (Hellhounds)
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Doctor Henry Jekkyl
  • Hyde: Not just a single individual, but many can now be turned into these creatures.
  • Order of the Crimson Dawn: Evil organization, formed 1867, seeking to use Shadow for their own agenda. Crimson, Red, a reference to MotRD?
  • Omar al-Habib: Wealthy Scholar from Morocco, interested in archaeology
  • Heinrich Schliemann: Archaeologist known for discoveries at Troy.
  • The Tomb of Maenthro-Apepi, the Desecrator of Souls, Priest of Apep has recently been discovered in Egypt.
  • Troy excavation might have ghosts and animated horses.
  • Fallen Birch, a town in California, best known for the Full Aces Saloon. (Map, NPCs and details provided)
  • Jim Franklin, a US based Vampire
  • Victor Muratz, a poker player
  • Willy Spinner, a poker player
  • Wyatt Earp
  • Art "The Artist" Mortimer, a sherrif
  • Thomas Blair: Bartender at Full Aces Saloon
  • Buddy: Town Drunk
  • "Horse" Feathers: Farmer
  • Flippin' Bill McPhil: Gambler
  • Ezekiel Pine: Town Chemist
  • Sharps: Journalist from San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Duncan Washington: Town Assayer
  • Martin Cambridge: Town Dentist. Incompetent. Married to Mary Cambridge.

Elliot Klein, Explorer
Art Mortimer, Frontier Marshall

More later. Do you think any of this could become useful in a Masque of Red Death Campaign? :)


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Re: [MotRD] D20 Past Setting Info

Post by Angel Tarragon » Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:12 am

While I love the write-up for MotRD that Arthaus did, I think the class system is extremely wonky. It would have been better if they had used D20 Modern/Past.

I have D20 Past, and I do agree with you that these pieces art great for running MotRD with D20 Past. Maybe eventually I will try to work on working the Arthaus write-up to mesh with D20 Past...there is some stuff in Grim Tales that would be perfect for a mesh-up.

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