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[MotRD] Product List

Postby Havard » Mon Jul 10, 2017 12:18 pm

Although many Ravenloft products can be useful in a Masque of the Red Death, what products are specifically set in the Gothic Earth?

AD&D 2nd Edition (TSR)

D20 (White Wolf / Sword & Sorcery / Arthaus)

Magazine Articles
  • Jigsaw (Dungeon #61) - Adventure
  • Fall's Run (Dungeon #67) - Adventure
  • Dark Magic in New Orleans (Dungeon #71) - Adventure
  • "Psychic Proficiencies" (Dragon #212)
  • Donning a New Masque (Dragon #215)- new kits
  • Mystics, Miracles and Meditations (Dragon #236)- new kits
  • Mysterious Cities (Dragon #240)
  • Seeds of Evil (Dragon #249) - Article
  • Villains of Gothic Earth (Annual #2)

See also the AD&D Historical Reference (HR) Series.


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