[MotRD] Vampyre Board Game (TSR 1981) and Transylvania

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[MotRD] Vampyre Board Game (TSR 1981) and Transylvania

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In 1981, TSR released a board game called Vampyre set in Transylvania, inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula. I only learned of this today when I was making the list of D&D based board games. I included Vampyre because even if it predates Ravenloft, it does seem like a hint of what to come. It also seems to lend itself particularly well to Masque of the Red Death. There is even a really cool map that is the basis of the board game:


There are more details about the game and a full map in this article over at Tim Brannan's Other Side Blog.

Do you think this whole board game could be turned into a MotRD scenario?


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