Hercule Poirot vs. The Red Death

"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all." — Edgar Allan Poe
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Hercule Poirot vs. The Red Death

Post by Havard »

I came across this timeline of the life of the world famous Belgian detective from Agatha Christie's novels.

The timeline gives us quite a bit of wiggle room for when Poirot was born, depending on how old we see him during his heydays, but if we go with a slightly older Poirot, more in line with the early novels than with the awesome TV series starring David Suchet, then he could easily have been active as a young Policeman in Belgium during the 1890s.

How would Poirot have fared against the minons of the Red Death? Could we finally see the team up of Poirot and Ms Marple? :ugeek:

Murder on the Nile becomes rather different in this interpretation.... :twisted:


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Re: Hercule Poirot vs. The Red Death

Post by apotheot »

I had heard somewhere that the character actually did occur in one or a few of the Living Death adventures (The organized play campaign based around the setting). Sadly, not owning all of them and having read even fewer, I cannot confirm this.

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Re: Hercule Poirot vs. The Red Death

Post by willpell »


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Re: Hercule Poirot vs. The Red Death

Post by Morpho »

oh. palsembleu! j'adore!

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