Druid & Monk class?

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Druid & Monk class?

Post by Princess Strega »

I received my book and I am flipping through it to sections that have my interest before doing a dedicated read through. One think I have noticed is the lack of a Druid and Monk class. I can potentially understand not including the Monk class. I am intrigued as to why the Druid class was snipped out though.

Are these two classes in another supplement (13 True Ways)?

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Re: Druid & Monk class?

Post by agathokles »

I think they omitted them because they are trickier to balance due to multiple special abilities.
They, and other "advanced" classes indeed appear in 13th True Ways.


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Tim Baker
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Re: Druid & Monk class?

Post by Tim Baker »

Here's what 13th Age designer Rob Heinsoo had to say about omitting the druid and the monk from the core book:
Rob Heinsoo wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:40 am
It killed me to have the High Druid as one of our thirteen icons and not be able to get the druid into the original book. But my design goals for the druid were a bit too ambitious to be finished working in the initial phase of this project. We needed to nail the system down before mastering the stunts we hope to pull with the druid. We’re tinkering with themes that have always been in stories involving druids but haven’t shown up in druid class mechanics. I’m happy to get a chance to take a deep breath, go over the whole thing with Jonathan, and carve the druid into shape.
Rob Heinsoo wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:37 pm
Early 13th Age playtests and various versions of the Escalation Edition showed the over-the-top direction we’re taking the monk. Once or twice Jonathan has argued for a less flamboyant version of the monk, something more like a martial artist, which would certainly be possible but not as much fun as what I’m headed for. I’ve won the argument by pointing out that JoT never plays monks, no matter what type of story/mechanics they have. I am always drawn towards the monk but often frustrated by mechanics. So our monk unapologetically feels like a character from a different tradition, using opening attacks, flow attacks, and finishing attacks in sequences that build in power and compose (barely passable) haikus. We’ll get the balance right in 13 True Ways. The fun is already there.
As agathokles said, the classes appear in 13 True Ways, along with several other classes that are on the more complex side of the spectrum.

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