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13th Age actual play: The Breaking of Forstor Nagar

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:49 am
by Tim Baker
You can listen to the first episode of a 13th Age actual play at the Twin Cities by Night podcast. The group begins their play through Rite Publishing's The Breaking of Forstor Nagar. It's nice to see a 3PP adventure get some love.

I thought it was interesting that the group uses the default 13th Age icons from the Dragon Empire. The adventure takes place in a frozen northern sea that would likely lie somewhere off the map of the Dragon Empire. Given the oracle, cannibals, and frozen north and that the designer is Ben McFarland of Kobold Press fame, I'd always thought the adventure was a better fit for Midgard, which is a setting that supports 13th Age with its products.

Have you run this adventure? If so, what setting did you use? Which icons?