Imagine the DEMONWEB of Lolth!

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Imagine the DEMONWEB of Lolth!

Post by kevperrine » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:22 pm

Give me your best freaky cool awesome descriptions of loaths demonweb pits!!

And NEW wild "locations" for the various portal doors that lead off of it from the original module, for worlds, planes, dimensions, alternate worlds, etc... her web is connected to.

The Demonweb links between the 65th-66th layers of the abyss! Chaotic and freaky.
What unusually odd monsters and standard things crawl there? How???

I want to make this the freakiest off but Lolth and Drow appropriate lair, onwhich Lolth exists and could DIE!

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Re: Imagine the DEMONWEB of Lolth!

Post by ripvanwormer » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:36 pm

In a particularly dingy and gloomy pit is a city of duergar petitioners. Long ago, Lolth was an ally of the duergar god Laduguer, and her temples existed openly in most duergar cities, her priests tending the giant spiders the gray dwarves use as mounts. To cement their relationship, the spider goddess invited a high priestess of Laduguer—some say a daughter of Laduguer himself—into her layer of the Abyss. After feeding her a sumptuous banquet, the handmaidens of Lolth guided the priestess to her guest room. After she had drifted off into sleep, spiders sealed the room with soul-silk, trapping the duergar forever.

On the Material Plane, there was a night of blood and carnage as minions of the demon queen attempted to kill as many of her dwarven clerics as possible while she still had a claim on their souls. A few managed to break free and drive the demons off, which is why there are still duergar with the knowledge of spider-breeding today.

Some say it was only then that Laduguer was officially banished from the court of the dwarven gods.

Lolth had her new harvest build a city around the imprisoned priestess, which she named Luochlor. Although no respectable duergar would ever worship her from then on, the spider goddess now had a site that would act as a lure for all chaotic duergar whose faith in Laduguer was less than sure. Over the millennia, the city has expanded greatly. Laduguer would dearly love to free his priestess and have the city destroyed, but he is unable to penetrate the Abyss.

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Re: Imagine the DEMONWEB of Lolth!

Post by James the Just » Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:05 pm

And NEW wild "locations" for the various portal doors that lead off of it from the original module, for worlds, planes, dimensions, alternate worlds, etc... her web is connected to.
How about an alternative Prime Material that is our present day world?
Have the players be transported six millennia into the future when Oerth becomes Earth.

What if the Steading of the Hill Giant Chief Nosnra was upon Guadalupe Peak, Texas? ... _Nima2.JPG

Beware of carrion crawlers in the nearby Carlsbad Caverns. ... ations.jpg

From the original edition of G2 The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl:

"Some dozens of leagues to the north and west of the STEADING OF THE HILL GIANT CHIEF, amidst the tallest mountain peaks, is the stronghold of Grugnur, Lord of Frost Giants."

Is it in the Sierra Blanca Mountains? ... y_pole.jpg

The iron lever that you can pull to be teleported to the next location all rusted out. However, balloon rides are now available and may take you over White Sands National Park. ... ds_NM.jpg

To the south lies the Hall of the Fire Giant King Snurre Iron Belly at Emory Peak. ... y_Peak.JPG

Big Bend National Park has some eerie canyons. ... Texas.jpeg

There is a drillhole in the the mountain that can get you into the Underdark.

Most large underground caverns are usually found beneath mountains. Rosillo Peak is the nearest at 20 miles to the north. Coincidentally, that's exactly the same distance as shown on the map in the modules.

Continuing the pursuit leads to the Shrine of the Kuo-Tua.

23 miles to the northwest is the next mountain, Santiago Peak. Again, coincidentally, that's the same distance as found on the map.

Where is the home of of the drow priestess Eclavdra, the source of all this evil?

Elephant Mountain is 14 miles to the northwest and is at almost exactly 30 degrees north latitude (the same as the Pyramids of Giza). Astonishingly, this is yet again exactly the same distance and direction as found on the map in the modules.

The World of Greyhawk is for real!!!

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