RUMORS - make a list for city/politic & PC dramas

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RUMORS - make a list for city/politic & PC dramas

Post by kevperrine » Sat Mar 02, 2019 12:24 am

RUMORS - make a list for city/politic & PC dramas

My campaign Is set in Greyhawk
the great Kingdom

This is sort of like D&D - Game of Thrones style in large capital city with family houses and politics, during the crowning of a new king (jousting games, etc...) "winter court " intrigue setting.

I would like your help making interesting, dramatic rumors based on house-to-house communication, inter-family communication, merchant kings and house communication, all the Knight gossip and quests, and church/state dealings, as well as just fun gossip and rumor mill for entertainment purposes, water cooler talk or old wives tales!

A small list of open ended ideas that either:

- just fun/cool entertaining
- set up back story
- give PC's dirty laundry and secrets on NPC's or factions
- or set up adventures to come

Gossip from mundane, to magic and supernatural, to drama of men and monsters.

Hooks of interest to use later or have fun qith. Bur not necessarily laying neq plot-adventure hooks. Since we already have next big adventure planned.

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