[Web Enhancement] A Quiet Night of Cards [Free]

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[Web Enhancement] A Quiet Night of Cards [Free]

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A Quiet Night of Cards is a Greyhawk adventure contained within a Three-Dragon Ante Web Enhancement called Luck of the Draw.

The adventure is designed for 3rd-4th level characters and is set in the Free City of Greyhawk. It is a short adventure, but it seems like it could be quiet useful.

The plot involves the player characters playing Three-Dragon Ante with an NPC called Sirius Regulan and I think the idea of Luck of the Draw is that players will actually play an in-character game of Three-Dragon Ante cards (with the GM playing for Sirius Regulan and the players all playing for their PCs.

I think that you could probably play any other card game, if you wanted to actually play out the card game in-character, and did not own a deck of Three-Dragon Ante cards. But what is interesting about this adventures, is that it canonises Three-Dragon Ante as a game played in The Black Dragon Inn in the Free City of Greyhawk.

The Web Enhancement also includes some in-character rules for PCs playing Three-Dragon Ante and gaining card-playing abilities from skill ranks and special card playing feats. I think that part of the Web Enhancement is a lot less useful than the adventure itself. Mind you, it seems like they asked Robert Wiese to write a Web Enhancement for a card game and he craftily used it as an excuse to write a mini adventure instead. ;)
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