Calendar of Tal'Dorei

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Calendar of Tal'Dorei

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I found an interesting article called Calendar of Tal'Dorei on the Critical Role Wiki. Here is the lede section:
Critical Role Wiki wrote:An Exandrian year lasts 328 days over the course of 11 months. Each day is 24 hours in length and the 7 days of the week are named Miresen, Grissen, Whelsen, Conthsen, Folsen, Yulisen, and Da'leysen.

This particular calendar has elvish roots and is the one used throughout the continent of Tal'Dorei and most other civilized areas in the world.
An odd number of months is interesting, as it's going to break symmetry.

Are the months than length for any reason? The longer months don't seem to be having more holidays.
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