Dragonwand of Krynn 1 on 1 game

"For in ages past, beyond memory and word, in the first blush of the world, Dragons terrible and great made war on this world of Krynn."
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Dragonwand of Krynn 1 on 1 game

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Recently, I heard of a product line that TSR put out called a "1 on 1 adventure" which apparently used two books gamebooks that allow two players to compete against each other in the same adventure.

I saw two other products first: Dragonswords of Lankhmar and Warlords (the second one being set in Kara-Tur). But I also saw Dragonwand of Krynn.

Dragonwand of Krynn has two books. One player gets You Are Lord Patrick, Knight of Solamnia the other player gets You Are Lord Ariakan, Dragon Highlord.

Here is the back cover blurb:
Dragonwand of Krynn wrote:A New Kind of Game

Inside are two books for two players. One of you becomes Lord Patrick, Knight of Solamnia, while the other becomes Lord Ariakan, Dragon Highlord. You are both searching for the same thing: the fabled DragonWand of Krynn!

Enter the landlocked city of Tarsis, where you must first locate the ancient Temple of the Dragon. Once inside the temple, your mission is to find the powerful DragonWand before your opponent can reach it and use it for his own purposes.

It is a game filled with the huge dragons, the fierce draconians, and the wonderful magical artifacts that you've come to expect when you enter the adventure-filled world of the Dragonlance adventures. Everything you need in order to play is provided: two books, Combat Table, and Character Sheets. No dice are required. All you provide is one friend and two pencils!
Has anyone ever played this game?

Now I've never heard of Lord Patrick, but Lord Ariakan is a pretty major character. Can you work out anything about the two characters from the information in these books?

Has anyone ever converted the Dragonwand into a D&D magic item? Do the books tell you anything about it or does the story end when one of the players finds it?

How about the Temple of the Dragon? Gamebooks.org describs the story in these books as a "dungon crawl". Does that mean the temple is underground? Underground or not, is it possible to reverse engineer a map of the Temple of the Dragon, so that it can be used in a tabletop game?

Are there other elements that can be put into a tabletop game?

I'm a bit curious about how these two characters are both on a quest to find the Dragonwand at the same time. How does this adventure game fit in with the backstory of the War of the Lance? Is it set during the war, in the lead up to the war or after the war?
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