Frank Mentzer wrote Dragonlance music for the TSR band

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Frank Mentzer wrote Dragonlance music for the TSR band

Post by Big Mac » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:34 pm

Frank Mentzer just said he wrote Dragonlance music over in his Q&A topic:
ExTSR wrote:
Havard wrote:question about the old days. I seem to remember you were doing music for some TSR projects? For some Dragonlance record perhaps?
I majored in classical music composition in (late) college, and got out because I don't have a flair for creating unique melodies.
Earlier I'd performed at various folk venues, including many US National Park Service sites (campfire singalong style). My main rock bank of the later '70s recorded in a studio (sharing with period Brit rockers called "The Babys"; no idea why they were in a Philadelphia studio, something about their problems with Chrysalis records). Ah well, all in the past...

When Tracy arrived at TSR, he brought a lot of great ideas (Dragonlance, Ravenloft, etc). I was too busy to become an official part of the Dragonlance team, but I offered to contribute. He and I (and some artists) participated in an amateur rock bank (aka 'garage band') while at TSR. I don't recall the exact reasons or timeline, but I wrote some pieces for use in the original Dragonlance modules. The sheet music therein includes the March of the Knights and a Wedding Song.

When RobJN spoke to Frank about that post (which wasn't just about Dragonlance) Frank added this:
ExTSR wrote:In my head it wasn't sheet music, of course.
the March of the Solamnis (?) Knights was performed at Lincoln Center NYC, max orchestra, with a fusillade of fireballs for emphasis.

Wedding song had 500 elven witnesses who joined gradually as an increasing choir (spreading visibly away from the ceremony)
and at a crucial point a cloud passes... the golden setting sunlight envelops them all (lyrical climax "The Sun!" and continuing, q.v.)
and then that fades gradually to the personal final phrases of hope and love.

In both I tried to catch the mood of that wonderful text by Michael Williams, but it was only in my head.
The results are simplistic, and inadequate for any musical soul. Ah, publishing.

Has anyone on The Piazza been to this performance at the Lincoln Centre? Is there a recording of it anywhere?
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