[SAGA] Palanthas

"For in ages past, beyond memory and word, in the first blush of the world, Dragons terrible and great made war on this world of Krynn."
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[SAGA] Palanthas

Postby Big Mac » Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:30 am

I just spotted that the SAGA people created a sourcebook for Palanthas.

I'm not too interested in Dragonlance's 5th Age, but I would like to know more about Palanthas.

How much stuff in this book is usable in the War of the Lance era?

And is there anything in this book, that is "too modern" that I would have to avoid using?
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Re: [SAGA] Palanthas

Postby Falconer » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:29 pm

Well, Palanthas is occupied by the Knights of Takhisis; actually it is part of Khellendros’s territory, and the dark knights serve him here. The Tower of High Sorcery is gone; the Temple of Paladine as far as I remember still stands but presumably there is no worship of Paladine going on there; Astinus is gone from the Great Library but it is otherwise unchanged, just under Bertrem’s leadership (easy enough to put Astinus back in). So, with these changes in mind, it is a good book if you want some solid maps of the city. It’s fleshed out okay. It’s a good read in it’s own right, being a sort of narrated guidebook (which may or may not be good for gaming). I’d say go for it.
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