Dragonlance Cards (Any Edition)

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Dragonlance Cards (Any Edition)

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SAGA 5th Age Cards
  • Dragonlance SAGA 5th Age Fate Deck (Contained in the Dragonlance SAGA 5th Age Boxed Set)
  • Dragonlance SAGA 6th Age Fate Deck (Sold Separately)
  • Dragonlance SAGA 5th Age Character Cards (Contained in the Dragonlance SAGA 5th Age Boxed Set)
Were there ever produced other cards for the Dragonlance Setting? I know some of the card series produced for AD&D 2nd Ed included Dragonlance material and art.

See also this discussion of how to use the SAGA cards with AD&D/D&D.

Do you use any cards with your Dragonlance Games?


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