[Future] Technophage - new alien race

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[Future] Technophage - new alien race

Post by shesheyan » Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:09 pm

From my d20 Modern Archives :

Technophage - A new alien race

CR : 4
Medium-Size Aberration (Tripod / 300 pounds)
HD : 3d8+3 (Hp 20)
Mas : 16
Init : +2
Spd : 40 ft
Defense : 20 (touch 12/flat-footed 18) (+2 dext, +6 natural, +2 neckband)
BAB : +3
Grap : +3
Atk : +3 melee (kick 1d8) / Full Atk +3 melee (1d8, 2 kicks/1d6 head slam) OR +5 range (acid spit 15ft : initial 2d4+4 and +3 rounds of 1d4+1) OR +5/+6 range (neckband - see below)
FS : 5ft by 5 ft
Reach : 5ft
SQ :
• Hard exoskeleton resistante to vaccum of space (Ex)
• Darkvision 60ft (Ex)
• Damage reduction 10 against beam weapons (Ex : refracted by exoskeleton composition)
• Acid resitance 20 (Ex)
• Immune to gas attacks (Ex : They do not breath)
AL : technophage, evil
SV : Fort +6 / Ref +5 / Will +4
AP : 0
Rep : +0
Str 10 / Dex 14 / Con 16 / Int 11 / Wis 13 / Cha 7

The technophage are a race of technologically advanced hunters and gatherers. Their entire society, organized in tribes, is based on the search of new hunting and gathering territories. Equiped with tetrahedral diamond based ships, each tribe roams the galaxy in search of new quartz and carbon mines. Occasionnally tribes will join forces and form a horde against a common enemy. Because they do not breath, in the conventional sens, technophage can adapt to any type of atmosphere. Their ships are pressurized for atmospheric flight only. Once they reach space the «atmosphere is vented».

These eight foot tall beings have three 5 foot long legs that connect at the base of a 2 foot long neck which is topped by an oval shaped head. Their jet black flexible exoskeleton skin is an alloy of carbon and quartz. The base of their legs are hard as diamond and have 3 opposable fine manipulators. The head is topped by a crown of nine 1 inch long diamond spikes. Technophages are very hard to surprise because three small yellow eyes provide them with perfect 360° vision. The technophage breathing and digestive systems work in symbiosis. They must constantly eat carbon and quartz to live. Their very small mouth is equipped with powerful jaws that can crush the hardest crystals. Once per hour a gland at the top of the mouth produces a powerful digestive acid that can be spitted up to 15 feet away.

The Technophage use an accelerated growth program for their offsprings. Once they have been grown to maturity, in the hatchling chamber, the «new born» Technophages can immediately take their place in society. The chamber provides them with genetic memory they need to accomplish the task they are destined for.

Each Technophage is equipped with a large neck band that acts as a defense and attack system. The device is connected directly to the technophage brain.
1- The neckband projects a 90° energy shield. At the beginning of each round the facing can be modified as a free action.
2- Once/round the neckband's 360° rotating plasma projector can be activate (see plasma rifle)

Skills: Spot +10, Climb +5, Survival +5, Listen +3, Swim -10
Feats : Alertness, Multiattack, Point Blank Shot

Technophage Level Advancement
Level advancement for Technophage is extremely unlikely. Members of a clan are bred in hatchling chambers with specific genetic codes and memories. They come out of the chambers fully grown and ready to take on the responsibilities of their genetically programmed occupation. This type of reproduction method while very efficient for a civilization down plays considerably personal development and freedom. It is in fact a flaw. A Technophage caught outside his realm of expertise will function very poorly and will constantly strive, to the best of his abilities, to restore normalcy.

Fraal scientists have recently uncovered new data about the Technophage. The individuals encountered up to now are only Light Infantry. Technophage do not hesitate to manipulate their own DNA to create individuals for specific tasks. Lawford reports having seen these variations : Laborers, Technicians, Caretakers, Scientists, Leaders, Winged Infantry and Heavy Infantry.

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Re: [Future] Technophage - new alien race

Post by Angel Tarragon » Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:47 pm

Love them, extremely cool race!! ♥
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Re: [Future] Technophage - new alien race

Post by shesheyan » Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:16 pm

Angel Tarragon wrote:
Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:47 pm
Love them, extremely cool race!! ♥
Thank you. They were the main enemies in my Future campaign. Players had to fight off several Technophage incursions in the Solar System.

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