[Future] Fraal Colony Ships

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[Future] Fraal Colony Ships

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From my D20 Modern Archives. (under the forum user name Atanakar).

Fraal Colony Ships

Since the destruction of their homeworld the Fraal have developed and perfected Colony Starships. These superstructures are home to an average of 25 000 Fraals. The PL8 design of colony starships is completely modular.

Fraal description : https://stardrive-reborn.obsidianportal ... ages/fraal


Concord Transport Tube
This gigantic cylindrical tube is used for «very fast» transport around the colony. Freight and passenger shuttles constantly travel in this weightless environment. All shuttle movement is automated and is controlled by the colony AI. One only need board a shuttle and enter the destination. Travel in this tube take one round per tube segment.

The Concord Transport Tube doubles has superstructural support that houses six independent Colony Nodes. In the event of a major catastrophe each Colony Node is self sufficient and has FTL capability. In its center the CTT also supports the Central Command Node, the Colony Powercore and the main FTL engine.

Transport Tubes
Similar in nature to the CTT these smaller structures have gravity and atmosphere. Opentop gliders are used to move from one platform to another. Movement in these tubes is not governed by the colony AI. One can either pilot the glider or let the autopilot take over. Maximum speed is limited to 100feet per round.

Colony Nodes
Acting as main support of Fraal communities, Colony Nodes are a group of six one kilometer long platforms. Each platform supports 7 towers that house an average of 100 Fraals. Platforms have 5 levels used for the production of goods and food for the colony node. The 4 main floors of the towers are used for administrative, leisure and scientific activities. The 10 top levels of the towers are used for housing.

The central tower of the central platform of each CN houses the Colony Node Council. The towers extend below the platform. These four levels are used for storage and have docking facilities. They also house the CN power core and FTL drive. Each CN has its own attack/defense AI system. This AI becomes slave to the CCN's AI when in Colony Starship configuration.

One in three Colony Nodes are modified to serve as spacedocks for heavy freighters and military starships. Refitting and restocking of military vessels take place in these facilities.

Central Command Node
Housing the powercore, central AI and FTL engine of the Colony Starship this node also doubles has Central Command Center. The administrative, military and political bodies of the colony hold court in these small structures. It is also self sufficient for short periods of time.

Attack/Defense capabilities of Fraal Colony Starships
Attacking a Fraals Starship Colony would be equivalent of attacking :

* 7 Superheavy PL8 colony ships

AND currently docked :

* (1d2+1) Superheavy military PL9 starships
* (1d3+2) Heavy military PL9 starships
* (1d4+2) Medium military PL9 starship

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