A Birthright 5E conversion attempt!

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Re: A Birthright 5E conversion attempt!

Post by agathokles » Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:58 am

Marco Fossati wrote:
Marsupialmancer wrote:I think that's also a good method. 2E magicians had severe restrictions in what spells they could pick (nothing from non-divination or illusion schools past 2nd level) so they were notably weaker, but if you don't mind a less-strict adherence to the 2E setting stuff, then I don't see why you couldn't do just that. :)

Diviners are pretty strong, too, so it wouldn't feel like so much of a penalty as it would just a mild restriction. I think I'll add it in as a possible alternate rule in the next version, though it does raise the question as to whether I should keep the restriction on eldritch knights, arcane tricksters, and sorcerers.
maybe you can allow arcane trickster and eldritch knights to unblooded characters
Consider that Magicians in AD&D 2e compensate their lesser magical ability with some roguish abilities, so arcane tricksters would likely fit the bill.


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Re: A Birthright 5E conversion attempt!

Post by Marsupialmancer » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:16 am

Hello again everyone! I've been hard at work on other things (Ghostwalk 5E is being quarrelsome), but also making updates to this conversion. I've moved my efforts over from Google Drive to Homebrewery directly, which allows me to keep doing the nice fancy formatting.

As a disclaimer, it doesn't look great in the browser view if you are at greater than 100% (standard) zoom, nor on browsers other than Chrome. In those cases, you can click on the Get PDF button on the top right to download it directly with the formatting the site provides; it should look okay then! If you're still experiencing issues with corrupted formatting, let me know and I can export versions as PDF and provide an alternate link. It's hard to tell who and who isn't going to have viewing issues, but I'm happy to accommodate folks!

Here is the link to the current and updated document. I've added more sections near the end for including non-Birthright PCs, made copious rules updates, and introduced arcane magic options in case you don't prefer to play with "restricted" Cerilia. I've also stripped out some OGL-unfriendly language and references. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback you've provided to date.

As a bonus, I also created a supplementary document, Birthright Archetypes, with a few character options I've been tinkering with. I haven't had much chance to balance-test them yet, so if you see anything particularly egregious then please let me know (I'm still mulling over the Mebhaighl Scholar's level 14 ability). I will update this with some other archetypes as I come up with them; I backed off of the idea of doing a Bloodline-related scion, as an old colleague of mine already did something similar and I was having trouble making my version feel different enough.

Hope this is all useful, and I'll check in as I get time. :)

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Re: A Birthright 5E conversion attempt!

Post by Bud » Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:19 pm

This is really excellent, well done - the content and presentation are first rate.
I'm hoping to run a new Birthright campaign this winter (it's been 20 years since our last one!). I was going to run it 2e, since that is what most of my groups games are, but with this document will consider a 5e Birthright game, in the interests of getting some other players involved.
Thanks for helping to keep Cerelia a going concern!

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