The Gods of [Whiteleaf] - Greyhawk Equivalencies

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The Gods of [Whiteleaf] - Greyhawk Equivalencies

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Now if I'd been smart, the first time I went through a list of Greyhawk deities and came up with my own variations on them, I'd have created this thread to show my work, instead of just leaving cryptic clues that I myself would forget how to interpret later. But better late than never, this is me explaining which of my totally original creations most nearly resembles which Greyhawk classic deity, solely for the purpose of allowing characters created in 3E's "Greyhawk Lite" setting - or in actual Greyhawk games, including Living GH campaigns - to be imported into Whiteleaf with minimal effort. These gods of mine are of course still original creations, which have only broad parallels to the LG pantheon. But for convenience's sake, I'm using the list in the Gazetteer for LG to begin my list. Without further ado, here are the loose equivalents in Whiteleaf of all the Gazetteer's deities.

Al'Akbar = The Humility
Allitur = The Diplomat
Atroa = Gender-flipped to become the god of Spring
Beltar = The Earth Unforgiving
Beory = Mother Soil
Berei = probably also Mother Soil
Bleredd = has no established equivalent (may have been The Industry, but frankly I'm not sure I bothered to account for him)
Boccob = The Archmage (although the latter is substantially less powerful)
Bralm = The Obedients
Celestian = The Vastness
Cyndor = The Legacy (very loosely). See note under Lendor below.
Dalt = The Keyper (extremely loosely)
Delleb = Merged with Pholtus to become The Authority
Ehlonna = The Princess
Erythnul = The Violence
Fharlangn = The Wayfarer (although the latter is probably more powerful, and certainly more remote)
Fortubo = no equivalent (I have no use for a "faux dwarf" god of smithing)
Geshtai = The Lazy Lady
Heironeous = The Vigilance
Hextor = The Vehemence
Incabulos = The Plague (the latter possesses the Healing domain, courtesy of my having forgotten my original design for an evil healer goddess and thus merged her into this deity)
Istus = She Unseen
Iuz = Explicitly not present in Whiteleaf. (If running the campaign on the assumption that Whiteleaf is Greyhawk, then Iuz is dead, destroyed by the Celestial Overwatch after they established the superiority of Good on the mortal plane.)
Jascar = no clear equivalent
Joramy = The Slumbering Fire
Kord = The Pugilist
Kurell = ?
Lendor = The Legacy. Neither Cyndor nor Lendor has much in common with The Legacy, whose nature is very strongly tied up in several concepts found in 3E books which don't relate directly to any gods, and have nothing in particular to do with Greyhawk.
Lirr = Merged with Trithereon to become The Magnificence
Llerg = Exists only in a Vile equivalent, The Beast
Lydia = no equivalent
Mayaheine = definitely no equivalent (Mayaheine was just somebody's player character imported from another campaign, I presume)
Merikka = Unsure, possibly The Revolution
Mouqol = No direct equivalent, but see the Commerkindren (especially their leader, The Secretary). See note under the third-to-last alphabetical god below.
Myrhiss = Exists only in an Exalted equivalent, The Lover. Something more directly resembling Myrhiss might have been the original goddess of romantic love on Whiteleaf, but this was eclipsed some time ago by The Everlasting.
Nerull = The Reaper
Norebo = no direct equivalent
Obad-Hai = The Seasoned One
Olidammara = The Jackanapes
Osprem = no direct equivalent
Pelor = The Solitaire. Significant personalization has been done in this case; Jozan probably wouldn't recognize my version, but he'd have to make do, since there can only be one proper sun god in my cosmology.
Phaulkon = No direct equivalent. Loosely equatable to The Dawnchaser, but she's Lawful (and Exalted).
Pholtus = Merged with Delleb to form The Authority.
Phyton = Loosely equivalent to the Cultivator. A lot of the functions of this god could be equated to the Poster Boy, imperial god of frontiersmanship, although the presentation is extremely different.
Procan = no direct equivalent, though most nearly equatable of the three Greyhawk sea-gods to the goddess of The Sea Enraged.
Pyremius = The Fever
Ralishaz = His equivalent is dead, displaced by The Jinx, who is actually based on the only one of the Ghostwalk deities I found interesting (though with an absolutely terrible name, which I altered slightly to create her current in-setting one).
Rao = No direct equivalent. Peace is a specialization of most non-War gods in general on Whiteleaf, so there's no real need to have a god specifically devoted to it; clerics formerly of Rao imported to Whiteleaf may select any non-martial deity they find interesting.
Raxivort = What the hell is this doing in the LGG anyway? Whiteleaf has no Xvarts, so importing a Raxivort-worshipper is quite impossible. Anyone fond of bats and rats is directed to some other suitable deity, such as The Courtier or anybody with the Animal domain.
Rudd = No direct equivalent.
St. Cuthbert = The Enforcer/Avenger (I should really pick just one of those names and stick with it)
Sehanine Moonbow = Why they included exactly two nonhuman deities in the Gaz I have no idea; I'll address the nonhuman gods later.
Sotillion = Replaced with a local god of Summer.
Syrul = The Revelation
Telchur = Replaced with a local god of Winter.
Tharizdun (including his Elder Elemental Eye variant) = The Omnicide. The only one of the four Supreme Gods of Whiteleaf to be based on anything Greyhawk, the Omnicide makes a great plot device, but is also easily left out, since he is explicitly bound to prevent him from doing much of anything.
Trithereon = Merged with Liir to become The Magnificence
Ulaa = No direct equivalent. (A god of hills? I don't get it.)
Vatun = No equivalent.
Vecna = The Enigma. (Absent any assumption that he ascended recently, or has any missing pieces floating about.)
Velnius = The Winds of Change (extremely loosely; this deity might more nearly be equated to Tsolorandril).
Wastri = The Prince
Wee Jas = The Enchantress
Wenta = Replaced with a local Autumn god, with a significant shift in emphasis away from beer. Clerics who were only interested in the brewery part of her portfolio are directed to The Pulse-Pounder, Whiteleaf's socially-responsible Dionysian archetype.
Xan Yae = The Invisible Hand (alignment changed to Good)
Xerbo = no direct equivalent. The best intersection of money and water in this setting is The Pirate; otherwise, one of the Commerkindren might suffice, as might The Lazy Lady or The Sea Enraged, depending on temperament.
Ye'Cind = Explicitly not included.
Zagyg = Explicitly omitted for extremely obvious reasons. (And I have refrained from the impulse to include my own deific avatar in the setting, although the Emperor is pretty transparently a stand-in for me, and many parts of my complex psychology have been used as the basis for some of Whiteleaf's stranger gods.)
Zilchus = Replaced with the various Commerkindren. I'm not clear on the difference between Moquol and this deity, so presume that the two of them have been thoroughly frappe'ed, and select one of the local commerce gods (or their boss, The Patroness) as you prefer.
Zodal = See Rao. I'm unclear on how they differ.
Zuoken = The Enlightened Fist

Well that wasn't bad for a first try, but I haven't really rediscovered any of my misplaced memories. (Oh wait, no, I got one! Okay, moving along.) I have a distinct sense that Allitur and Al-Akbar might have had separate equivalents, but I can't recall my exact thoughts on the matter; I don't recall having any grasp on Berei as a distinct entity, and likewise have too little understanding of Jascar, Kurell, Norebo, Rudd, Sehanine, Ulaa, Vatun, and the five Oeridian seasonal gods to be able to clearly place them, but I'm hoping to eventually fix that. Contrarily, anybody devoted to Fortubo, Iuz, Lydia, Mayaheine, Ralishaz, Rao or Zodal, Raxivort, Ye'Cind, Zagyg, the non-evil Llerg, the non-good Myrhiss, the Chaotic Phaulkon, the possibly-evil Pelor, the clearly-distinct Pholtus, the several sea gods, or anybody absorbed into the Commerkindren is probably SOL; for various reasons, mostly alluded to in the list above, none of these are suitable to be converted for use in Whiteleaf.

EDIT - Ah, Al-Akbar and Allitur did inspire different deities, I've got it now. (The parenthetical aside above indicates my earlier recovery of Istus, after having given up in disgust.)

Now let's look at some nonhuman deities.

Corellon Larethian = The Archer
Moradin = The Forgelord
Garl Glittergold = The Gentleman
Yondalla = The Hearthmarm
Most of the other nonhuman gods are replaced with human equivalents, but the result is likely to change their mythology a lot, so I'm not looking into the results too much. The elven goddesses Aerdrie, Hanali and Sehanine are all combined completely into The Syncretism (equivalent to FR's Angharradh, save for no longer having independent components; the rest of these are not addressed for the moment.

Berronar Truesilver (home)
Baervan Wildwanderer (nature)
Arvoreen (vigilance)
Clangeddin Silverbeard (battle)
Baravar Cloakshadow (illusions)
Brandobaris (stealth)
Erevan Ilesere (trickster)
Dumathoin (mining)
Flandal Steelskin (mining)
Cyrrollalee (friendship)
Muamman Duathal (travellers)
Gaerdal Ironhand (protection)
Sheela Peryroyl (agriculture)
Labelas Enoreth (time)
Vergadain (wealth)
Segojan Earthcaller (earth)
Solonor Thelandira (hunting)

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Re: The Gods of [Whiteleaf] - Greyhawk Equivalencies

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One update.

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Re: The Gods of [Whiteleaf] - Greyhawk Equivalencies

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Excellent. Love to see deity equivalents in settings.


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