[Damin] Ideas needed: international trade

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[Damin] Ideas needed: international trade

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Damin is my homebrew world, approximately Age of Sail more-or-less generic fantasy campaign world, with some twists. Some of most prominent ones is that it has quite high level of planar and wildspace activity. Now I am building a rough model of its global economy and ask you for input to fill some gaps.

Damin has several civilizations, developed mostly independently on various landmasses, and now coming in contact. Civilizations have diverse cultures and ideals, which sometimes lead to conflict, but also have much to benefit from one another. Though they resemble wildly various stages of development of Earth's civilization, there is balance between them, backed by supernatural abilities and resources (e.g. shamans, working cooperatively, could change weather patterns or create disaster-level natural events). The main civilization centers are:

Material culture analogue: Stone to Iron Ages
Prominent races: Humans, various beast-folk, Giants, Wild Elves, Orcs
State forms: pre-state tribes, small kingdoms and chiefdoms
Technology analogue: Shamanism (D&D druidism)
International supply: mercenaries? natural resources?
International demand: ?

Hasemekazo (that's the name of the most prominent state in its region)
Material culture analogue: Late Bronze Age to Early Medieval
Prominent races: Humans, Dwarves, civilized Hobgoblins
State forms: bureaucracy
Technology analogue: Divine magic (ancestors worship); a little psionics
International supply: staple foods (grain, potato)
International demand: ?

Material culture analogue: Iron Age
Prominent races: Humans, Goblins, various bird-folk
State forms: monarchy, theocracy, feudalism
Technology analogue: mostly Divine magic (divine kings)
International supply: ?
Internaional demand: ?

Material culture analogue: Medieval
Prominent races: Humans, Kobolds
State forms: theocracy, kritarchy, feudalism
Technology analogue: Divine magic (monotheism), arcane artifice salvaged from ancient ruins
International supply: ?
International demand: ?

Material culture analogue: Renaissance
Prominent races: Humans, Halflings, Xeph, civilized (relatively...) Bugbears, Yuan-ti
State forms: various forms of anarchy and libertarianism
Technology analogue: anything goes, primarily Psionics
International supply: financial services, mediation, mercenaries & weapons, ships & navigators, biotech analogues
International demand: primarily food (because there are little agricultural land)

Material culture analogue: Early modern (even 20th century in some fields)
Prominent races: Humans, Half-Elves, Elves, Gnomes, Fey
State forms: democracy + divinarchy (public consensus determines goals, diviners find the means)
Technology analogue: Arcane magic - Wizardry
International supply: arcane services and artifacts
International demand: material ingredients

Damin is a Earth-sized moon in Ragestar fan-made Spelljammer sphere. In my take on the sphere, there is shortage of true spelljamming helms (major civilization probably have one-digit amount of them each), so most traffic inside the sphere is done by enchanted ships travelling on sub-spelljamming speeds. They are effective inside asteroid belts (there are plenty of them in this sphere), but travel between major celestial bodies takes weeks or months. There are several other civilization centers in the sphere beside Damin, some of them slightly more advanced. The most notable are:

Material culture analogue: futuristic ("crystal spires" posthumanity)
Prominent races: Elves, Gnomes, various Fey
Society: incomprehensible, isolationistic, formal allegiance to Interstellar Elven Empire
Technology analogue: Arcane magic - Wild magic sorcery/Wizardry
Wildspace supply: some agricultural goods and arcane material components
Wildspace demand: mostly self-sufficient

Alrimakos and other Merchant Belt civilizations; Zhl-Chal belt civilizations
Material culture analogue: 20 century
Prominent races: Alrimakos has human majority, two major races of Zhl-Chal are neogi and civilized hobgoblins.
State forms: Alrimakos is trade democracy/oligarchy, Zhl-Chal is cyberpunk-style hypercapitalism
Technology analogue: Various, most prominent is Arcane magic - Cosmic sorcery
Wildspace supply: most varied. Some Zhl-Chal civilizations are slavers.
Wildspace demand: food, water, raw materials.

Iberoth asteroid beld
Material culture analogue: Victorian
Prominent races: Humans, Thieflings
State forms: oligarchy
Technology analogue: Divine magic - dark-ish mysticism
Wildspace supply: mercenaries
Wildspace demand: fod, water, raw materials.

Beside wildspace civilizations, Damin trade with planar ones, including Sigil.

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