[Aerrath] Second World Setting Ideas

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[Aerrath] Second World Setting Ideas

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Aérrath is one of my many pet RPG projects. It is a near futuristic science-fantasy setting existing in parallel to Earth...making it a Second World setting. The idea of a Second World setting is a concept I have have been kicking around for a long time but never really able to solidify any plans to use it. Anyhow I was thinking about it this morning and a thought crossed my mind.

Running a Second World setting provides challenges, it means that I have to prepare for the eventual link between two settings, two universes in parallel to each other; the ability to cross from one setting the other, and honestly it is a challenge that I would have rather avoided. How can I retain the feel of a realistic Earth when the gate opens to a techofantasy realm? I think I hit the answer...I refuse to allow organic transfer from one setting to the other.

The question is why only can only inorganic material make the transfer? The answer is that the same biological matter can only exist in any universe at any time. Both worlds are in the same universe in parallel to each other. It is possible to cross the divide between the two parallel realms, but not in the traditional sense...the physical body must die in one before the spirit can migrate to a new host in the other. A sort of afterlife. One can only move 'forward' in this sense and forward is Aérrath. Backwards by many layers is Earth.

So why is it that Earth and Aérrath are connected and not any of the layers in between? Good question, one I do not have a clear definitive answer to yet. If one crosses into the afterlife from one realm, you have to assume that the next afterlife is closer in conjunction to a realm that is pure fantasy. And if there is a realm that is pure fantasy, that means that any creature ever created for the system being run can be encountered there. My system of choice is D20 Modern/Pathfinder/Starfinder. This means the wealth of monsters created for those systems are present throughout the pure fantasy realm. One has to assume that if they exist there, that there might be a chance they can be encountered else in the multiverse? Yes. Mythic Earth was once real. As the galaxy became older, more gradually did Mythic Earth lose its magic and these creatures migrated elsewhere. Mythic Earth lost its magic and so too is the rest of the multiverse losing its magic as well, slowly and gradually until each universe dies out and only one remains ... the singularity. Anyhow, this is background information and impertinent and unimportant to actually role-playing in the settings.

Players may have one or two characters...I have not decided yet. But two parallel realities in contact with each other does provide a wealth of role-playing opportunities. I think if I go the way of two characters per player...I know that the character in the technofantasy realm will be the primary characters with their "Earth" characters being called upon for endeavors that can influence the primary characters but never able to pass information to.

One possibility is to allow a data transference of intelligence to be passed from one reality to the other and back and forth. The could allow Virtuants (see Neurospasta), artificial-intelligence life forms, to move back and forth between to two parallel realities. The question is, if one of them happens to break Earth law, how is that dealt with? A virtuant that is able to flee from Earth to Aérrath via a data node can escape the law and then is free to return and rinse and repeat ad infinitum under a different identity until its goals, if any, are met. What if [some] virtuants are 'pushing' the migration from one reality to the after-life?

A lot of things to consider.

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