[Jessenia] The Jessenia Gazetteer

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[Jessenia] The Jessenia Gazetteer

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The Kingdom of Jessenia

Jessenia is an island kingdom roughly a months sail from the New Empire in the Raven Sea. Originally settled by colonists from the Old Empire roughly a thousand years ago it became isolated during the years of the Great Collapse and established itself as an independent state following the Reformation era. However it does maintain economic and diplomatic ties with the New Empire.
It is sparsely populated and much of the island is still wilderness. The wilderness is the source of the lumber, and fur that make Jessenia such a valuable trading partner with the New Empire. Jessenia is also a fine source of silver and gem stones for Imperial society. They also export wool, sheep, and cattle but their quality is average at best and they are not in much demand in Imperial markets. However Jessenia is the only known source for golden cod which is greatly prized in the Imperial courts and fishermen from the island do brisk trade selling both live and smoked versions of this rare fish.
Jessenia is ruled by King Godfrey III who is often seen described as being a strong and confidant leader. However, many actually believe that the true power behind the throne is His Supreme Holiness Nichye Courte, head of the Imperial Church in Jessenia. Beneath King Godfrey is a complex web of barons, knights, and independent towns all of whom have carved out various niche positions for themselves. Finally it is worth mentioning the Kingdom of the Bright Hills, a semi-independent dwarven kingdom located near the eastern coast of the island. This kingdom is ruled by King Suthri and is mostly free to govern their affairs as they see fit as long as they pay their taxes and provide soldiers should the monarchy request them.
Most of Jessenia's people live in the south and west of the kingdom. They consist mostly of humans, dwarves, and elves. There's a large popultion of half-elves in the cities and half-orcs in the wild lands. Many of the native cat-folk have also integrated in local culture as traders and wandering merchants. Eastern and northern Jessenia is sparsely populated with the exception of the region around Noah's Bay. It is one of the few safe anchorages along the eastern coast. As most of the silver mines are in the south east Noah's Bay has become a favorite stop for merchants. However, the region still has a small population. Noah's Landing, the largest town on the bay, only has a population of around 900 people. The rest of northern and eastern Jessenia is populated by goblinoids, orcs, cat-folk, trolls, and other beast races and monstrous humanoids.
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