[Nord]Some ideas about my homebrew world

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[Nord]Some ideas about my homebrew world

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Nord was once a world covered by eternal night.In the Age of Night,the ruler of the world is not the traditional "human" (in fact, Nord does not exist the concept of human),but the race similar to the "vampire", known as Norato.As an intelligent race, Norato built his own civilization on dark lands, but the conflict between different concepts also followed.There are two of the largest factions in Norato: Night Guards and Sky Society. Night Guards is a military organization of a religious nature, worship the night god Noaptea; Sky Society is a group of scholars,obsessed with research "outside" of the world.

Sky Society through the meditation on the sky to realize the ability of "change", and became this world's first group of wizards.But they drew the attention of Solis,the sun god.Solis tries to confuse these scholars, while the affected scholars are step by step help the sun god into this world, for the world to bring "light".The result is the Solis successful invasion, part of the Norato obedience to the sun god, they were transformed into the sun-adapting race, Solato.The other Norato fled,create the black domes to protect their own survival areas.Nord's Age of Night is over - and now they have to face the threats, weirdness and fear that come from sunlight.

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Re: [Nord]Some ideas about my homebrew world

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Wow, cool concept. It reminds me of my early world-building concept for a nation of humans, who discovered, through astrology, that their civilization is about to collapse in some centuries. Looking for way to prevent this, they found that solar light was causing imbalancing astrological influence on their culture, so the only way to keep their civilization was to hide from the light. So they covered their cities by permanent thick clouds, and generally hide from the world. Being unable to study skies, they switched from astrology to geomancy. Somewhat ironically, they had used light for long-range communication through intricate heliographic system, so they adapted it to use artificial light instead. Cut from unbalancing influences, their civilization grew static and heavy ritualized over centuries. They, too, grew to fear the sun like vampires are, but some daring adventures would travel in sun-lands covered by specially enchanted clothes and amulets.

I am planning to re-use adapted parts of this narrative in my Damin setting for long-lost Imaskari planar colony.

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