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[KF's Mystara] Creature Index

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:01 am
by Knightfall
The World Unknown: Creature Index
Robert Blezard's Post-Apocalyptic Mystara Setting

I've started working again on an old project in the Mystara Forum regarding compiling all the D&D 3E creatures by Type (and Subtype) in an effort to find out what creatures should be considered canon for a Mystara campaign using D&D v.3.5. Once I go bac into it, I knew it would be an important developments for My Mystara, which I call The World Unknown (TWU).

I own a lot to Cthulhudrew, Havard, and Ripvanwormer (and others) for the progress on that project.

While the work continues in that thread, I'm ready to post my first complied list from the D&D Monster Manual v.3.5. I decided that instead of posting to that thread, I would create another one here in the Homebrew Worlds Forum since I'm mainly going to use this list for TWU. This first list could easily be used for a standard Mystara game run using D&D v.3.5. The list that will follow it will be for what I consider Semi-Canonical for the setting but WILL BE CANON for The World Unknown.

Monster Manual v.3.5 Creatures with BECMI Stats
Aranea [CoM]
Assassin Vine (Strangle Vine) [CoM/DMR2]
Athach [RC]

Basilisk [RC]
Bat (Normal Bat) [RC]
Bat, Dire (Giant Bat) [RC]
Bear, Black [RC]
Bear, Brown (Grizzly Bear) [RC]
Bear, Polar [RC]
Beholder [RC]
Black Pudding [RC]
Blink Dog [RC]
Boar [RC]
Boar, Dire (Great Boar) [RC]
Bugbear [RC]

Carrion Crawler [RC]
Cat [GAZ12]
Camel [RC]
Centaur [RC]
Centipedes, Monstrous (Giant Centipede) [RC]
Cheetah [DMR2]
Chimera [RC]
Choker [DMR2]
Cockatrice [RC]
Constrictor Snake (Normal Snake) [GAZ12]
Constrictor Snake, Giant (Anaconda) [CoM]
Couatl (Feathered Serpent) [HWR1]
Crocodile (Normal Crocodile) [RC]
Crocodile, Giant [RC]

Demon [WotI]
— Balor (Roaring Demon)
— Glabrezu (Howling Demon)
— Hezrou (Croaking Demon)
— Marilith (Hissing Demon)
— Nalfeshnee (Groaning Demon)
— Succubus (Whispering Demon)
— Vrock (Screaming Demon)
Devil, Imp [GAZ3]
— Elasmosaurus [BM]
— Triceratops [RC]
— Tyrannosaurus [RC]
Displacer Beast [RC]
Dog (Normal Dog) [DMR2]
Dog, Riding [DMR2]
Doppelganger [RC]
Dragon, Chromatic
— Black Dragon [RC]
— Blue Dragon [RC]
— Green Dragon [RC]
— Red Dragon [RC]
— White Dragon [RC]
Dragon, Metallic
— Gold Dragon [RC]
Dragonne [DMR2]
Dragon Turtle [RC]
Dryad [RC]
Dwarf [RC] (also in the PHB v.3.5)

Eagle (Normal Eagle) [DMR2]
Eagle, Giant (Hiak) [HW/DMR2]
Elemental [RC]
— Air Elemental (all)
— Earth Elemental (all)
— Fire Elemental (all)
— Water Elemental (all)
Elephant [RC]
Elf [RC] (also in the PHB v.3.5) (Canolbarth/Alfheim)
— Aquatic Elf [PC3] (also in D&D Stormwrack)


Gargoyle [RC]
Gelatinous Cube [RC]
Genie [RC]
— Djinni
— Efreeti
Ghoul [RC]
Giant [RC]
— Cloud Giant
— Fire Giant
— Frost Giant
— Hill Giant
— Stone Giant
— Storm Giant
Gnoll [RC]
Gnome [RC] (also in the PHB v.3.5)
— Gnome, Forest [DRAGON 237] (AD&D article by Bruce Heard [mention only])
Goblin [RC]
Gorgon [RC]
Griffon [RC]

Hag (Crone of Chaos) [RC]
— Annis
— Green Hag
— Sea Hag
Halfling [RC] (also in the PHB v.3.5)
Harpy [RC]
Hawk (Normal Hawk) [DMR2]
Hippogriff [RC]
Hobgoblin [RC]
Homunculus [DMR2]
Horse, Light (Riding Horse) [RC]
Human [RC, as Normal Human] (only in PHB v.3.5, included for completeness)
Hydra [RC]

Insect, Giant
— Ant, Giant [all] [RC]
— Bee, Giant [RC]
— Fire Beetle, Giant [RC]
Invisble Stalker (Sshai) [RC]


Kobold [RC]
Kraken [DMR2]

Lamia (Lamara) [DMR2]
Leopard (Mountain Lion) [RC]
Lich [Template] [RC]
Lion [RC]
Lizardfolk (Lizard Man) [RC]
Locathah [BM]
Lycanthrope [Template] [RC/PC4]
— Werebear
— Wereboar
— Wererat
— Weretiger
— Werewolf

Manta Ray [RC]
Manticore [RC]
Medusa [RC]
Merfolk (Merrow) [RC, as Merman]
Mimic (Polymar) [DMR2]
Minotaur [RC]
Monkey [GAZ12]
Mule [RC]
Mummy [RC]

Night Hag (Black Hag [Night]) [RC]
Nightmare [DMR2]
Nightshades [RC]
— Nightcrawler
— Nightwalker
— Nightwing
Nixie [PC3]
Nymph [BM]

Ochre Jelly [RC]
Octopus, Giant [DMR2]
Ogre [RC]
Ooze, Gray [RC]
Orc [RC]
— Half-Orc (no BECMI stats, but included for completeness) | (also in the PHB v.3.5)
Owl, Giant [DMR2]
Owlbear [RC]

Pegasus [RC]
Phase Spider (Planar Spider) [RC]
Phasm [CO]
Pixie [RC]
Pony [RC]
Porpoise (Dolphin) [RC]
Purple Worm [RC]


Rakshasa (Randara) [DMR2]
Rat (Normal Rat) [RC]
Rat, Dire (Giant Rat) [RC]
Raven (Normal Raven & Crow) [DMR2]
Rhinoceros [DMR2]
Roc [RC]
Roper [DMR2]
Rust Monster [RC]

Sahuagin (Sar-Aigu or Shark-kin) [PC3/DMR2]
Salamander, Average (Flame Salamander) [RC]
Satyr (Faun) (PC1)
Scorpion, Monstrous (Giant Scorpion) [RC]
Shadow [RC] (Mystaran shadows are not considered undead, change type to Outsider)
Shark; Medium, Large, and Huge (Bull, Mako, and Great White) [RC]
Shark, Dire (Giant Shark) [BM]
Shrieker [RC]
Skeleton [Template] [RC]
Spectre [RC]
Sphinx [RC]
— Androsphinx (Male Sphinx)
— Gynosphinx (Female Sphinx)
Squid, Giant [DMR2]
Stirge [RC]

Tiger [RC]
Titan [WotI]
Toad [RC]
Treant [RC]
Triton [PC3/DMR2]
Troglodyte [RC]
Troll [RC]

Umber Hulk (Hulker) [DMR2]
Unicorn [RC]

Vampire [Template] [RC]

Warhorse, Light (War Horse) [RC]
Weasel, Dire (Giant Weasel) [RC]
Whale, Baleen [CO]
Whale, Cachalot (Sperm Whale) [RC]
Whale, Orca [RC]
Wight [RC]
Will-o'-Wisp (Wychglow) [DMR2]
Winter Wolf (Ice Wolf) [HW/DMR2]
Wolf [RC]
Wraith [RC]
Wyvern [RC]


Yeth Hound (Yowler) [DMR2]

Zombie [Template] [RC]

BECMI Key: BM = OD&D Blackmoor Supplement; CO = Companion Rules Set; CoM = Champions of Mystara; DMR2 = Creature Catalog *; GAZ 3 = The Principalities of Glantri; GAZ12 = The Golden Khan of Ethengar; HW = Hollow World Campaign Set; HWR1 = Sons of Azca; PC1 = Tall Tales of the Wee Folk *; PC3 = The Sea People; PC4 = Night Howlers *; RC = Rules Cyclopedia; WotI = Wrath of the Immortals

* DM's Note: I do not own these BECMI references.