[Malathéa] Back Matter

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[Malathéa] Back Matter

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If you were to pick up Malathéa off of the shelf of your local bookstore that carries ttrpgs and read the back of it, this is what you would find.

Malathéa is a world where the divine might has nearly been extinguished, the gods thought dead or have abandoned their worshipers. While there are still those that wield the power of the divine, their effectiveness in wielding is greatly diminished and due to this, those that wish to wield greater power are starting to turn to abstruse and obtuse teachings. Although there are those that do manage to learn the secrets of occult power they need to be careful of their display of it, for it is feared and public use of it has given rise to hunters that seek to eliminate them in an effort to appease the divine for this new power is perceived as unclean and heretical...those that hunt these people down and slaughter them do so in an act of zealotry, hoping to appease the attention of the deities that may have turned their backs on the world and these hunters are hoping that the deities will return once the unpure have been eliminated from the world.

The world of Malathéa was once a verdant garden, there are still locations steeped in lushness that are either untouched by mortal encroachment or where people are living there but in harmony with the elements and only taking the absolute minimum needed from the bounty of nature to keep the wilds of it thriving. In the civilized lands, the metropoli of the humanoid races stretch from coast to coast, connected via land-bound vessels that spew toxic clouds of choking fumes into the skies above. There are those living among the civilized that are working to undermine the encroachment of civilization into the untamed wilderness, but progress still marches on and comes at too high a cost. The world itself is but an egg, and occasionally it hatches, spewing forth its children. These beings are neither humanoid nor elemental, but created to resemble humanoids; these beings are but the heralds of nature...born of a world screaming in agony over the march of so-called progress, its natural resources being depleted at an unsustainable rate. These creatures born of the world itself are avatars of nature, and seek to restore the balance and if possible to reclaim that which has been lost and teach others that it is possible to live with the world instead of living in the world.

Malathéa is a world on the cusp of dying; the light of its sun diminished, the deities of it either having abandoned it or worse have died leaving their worshipers as their last vestige of power. There are those fighting against the darkness and are doing what they can to keep the world from dying and seeking out ways to keep their sun from fizzling out any further. Will your characters pursue a path in finding a way to keep their world and sun from dying? Or will your characters perhaps help the march of progress blaze through all barriers to bring 'civilized society' to the furthest reaches of the world?

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