How Time Travel Works on [Whiteleaf]

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How Time Travel Works on [Whiteleaf]

Post by willpell » Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:45 pm

One of the more common areas for experimental arcanists to try and get away with crap, time travel is a subject which would probably be impossible, and would be fraught with danger if it could be done, if not for the intervention of some stabilizing force which allows it to function. Having been observed to exist on Whiteleaf, albeit very rarely, it clearly benefits from such a force; the best theory as to that force's identity is the Atheist Armada's concept of "ACTUARS", quasi-real entities who are more powerful (and, by most definitions not related to religion, "godlike" in nature) than the Powers who claim to be gods, but which no mortal agency has any access to, and whose existence therefore cannot be proven. (Or at least, if it could be, this would indicate something had gone disastrously wrong with the fundamental structure of the cosmos.)

Athar theorists point to the existence of several instances where, in the wake of someone having entered a Time Funnel and changed some event in the past, the setting "updated" slowly and in an observable fashion to the revised version of history, allowing others to follow the traveler and attempt to undo whatever damage they did. (Two examples from other media which show this kind of "live retcon" are the movie version of Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder", and the video game Chrono Trigger. In the latter example, the character of Marle literally fades from view before series hero Crono's eyes, as a result of her birth having been undone in the past, allowing Crono and his friend Lucca to travel back as well and fix the problem. This is explicitly NOT how time travel would work, if it were ever possible in reality; changes in time cannot logically manifest over the course of time, for reasons that should be obvious, and thus actual time travel would have to either alter the future instantaneously, possibly resulting in paradox, or branch off a new timeline and have no effect on the old one.) The hypothesis assumes that an ACTUAR is physically moving around, editing the original timeline from which the traveler departed, to incorporate events from the new timeline which resulted from their actions in the past; this, according to the Athars, is the only reasonable explanation for how a change which retroactively occurred in the past can, at different points in the future relative to that change, both have and have not altered the course of that future's history.

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