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[Rielun] Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:10 pm
by Knightfall
Here is where the world has been...

Islands of Malecade... Warped World... these campaign names have always referred to my first world... Rielun (the world has had more names then I can remember). A campaign that started out with one map of a small portion of the continent Malecade. For years this campaign grew and grew — to a size roughly twice the size of Earth. By this time I was completely lost in a mass of maps that didn't have any consistency or theme. So... I tossed the worst ideas, archived the original core of maps for the campaign, and transferred other ideas to other worlds (such as Triadora to Kulan). Warped World died with a whimper but Malecade lived on in my soul... lost but not forgotten. And now I have revived it with a new name but true to the original concept — Time of Ages.

And here is where the world is now going...

Time of Ages was never supposed to be a straight fantasy world. Magic would play a vital role in the development of the world but so would technology. The original concept was to blend magic and technology together in such a way that prevents technology from existing on the world without magic to power it. I've referred to this combination of magic and tech in numerous ways — technomagic, magitech, etc. — but the idea has stayed the same. Dragonstar and several other technological rich D20 campaigns have inspired me to change Time of Ages. The campaign is now becoming more like my original concept than every before. I will be able to justify the creation of the super cities and the technology while still allowing for the wild nature of the world's inherent magic. The powers of time, druidism, and arcane science can now come together into one world.

I had intended for this world to become part of my Arcanum of the Stars Dragonstar campaign concept, but after thinking it over, Time of Ages doesn't fit very well into the feel of Dragonstar. Thus, the world and its moon Jarad will be a campaign unto itself. The campaign will not be a part of the standard D&D Spelljammer cosmology, my Mirrored cosmology (for Kulan and Dark World), or the Dragonstar universe. Instead it will be part of my Spelljammer Gone Wild cosmology. This separates it from both Arcanum of the Star and World of Kulan.


Rielun has four continents... Argethon (south pole), Heuveon (north pole), Malecade, and Trasunia. Beyond this and thousands of islands both large and small, Rielun is covered with dark purple-green oceans. Thus, Rielun is roughly 60% to 75% covered by water but is also deceptively shallow in many places (less than 500 – 1000 ft.). The climate is arctic to temperate for the most part; only the regions near the equator rise to subtropical levels.

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The 2e "Islands of Malecade" Campaign (late 80s)
The adventures of Darwin Brass, Jesse Brass, and Timethon Brass (triplet elves) across the continents of Trasunia and Biarr.

Noteable NPCs included Charity Brightmoon, Christina Brass, Ratik Brightmoon (minotaur), and Tavin Kawaki (kender).

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:36 pm
by Knightfall
To understand Time of Ages better, a history lesson is needed about the world of Rielun.

1) The Ancient Past
2) The Fate of Time
3) Strangers in a New Land
4) Darkness from the Sky
5) Enlightenment
6) The Kings' Monarchy

1) The Third War
2) The Monarchy's Fall from Grace
3) Aftermath
4) The Lions of Malecade
5) A Difference of Opinion
6) Escalation

Recent History
1) The Fourth War
2) Jarad United
3) Allies and Enemies
4) Rise of the Empire of Monarchs
5) Expansion
6) Uncertainty

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:38 pm
by Knightfall

Rielun was once an isolated world home to only two intelligent races — the tigé and the trooda — who shared the world and its resources ecologically with nature. For centuries it remained so and both races advanced in culture and magic. Strangely, neither race developed technology beyond the most basic needs (i.e. roads, bridges, huts, etc).

It was the tigé that would shape the future of the world. A tigé sorcerer named Igu Amuth-hal dreamed of leaving a lasting mark on the world. His vision, to build the worlds grandest bridge — perfect in both form and magic. A bridge designed to transport whoever crosses it to anywhere else on Rielun. Amuth-hal struggled for years to make his dream a reality and soon became frustrated as the Elders of his race put more and more restrictions on his creation. Then Amuth-hal did something that none of his race had ever done before. He ignored the laws of the Balance of the Four set down centuries ago by the First Ones. Using horrible magic, he razed an entire forest on Malecade and continued to build his bridge on his own schedule. His crime was discovered too late and “The Bridge” was completed in less than six months.

By the time he was brought to face the Elders, “The Bridge” was already fully functional and worked just as Amuth-hal had envisioned. In fact, he convinced the warriors that captured him that they should take him straight to the Elders through “The Bridge” instead of wasting time crossing Malecade.

"This journey will take half a year to go from here to The Stones if you insist on walking or we can be there in moments by simply crossing my bridge. I'm sure your family would be thrilled to have you home before Aolstace. What do you say?"

The Elders were amazed, to say the least, as a rift opened up in the Council Chamber of the Stones and Amuth-hal walked through with the awe struck guards in tow. The Elders were frightened, yet curious, about this marvel of magic that Amuth-hal had brought into the world. For the tigé love magic almost as much as keeping to the Balance of the Four.

Amuth-hal showed them that not only could “The Bridge” transport people from its location to anywhere on Rielun; it could also transport itself. With a word that seemed to echo endlessly through the chamber, Amuth-hal activated “The Bridge” from half a continent away and transported it to outside The Stones.

"Now do you understand what I have given the world, now do you understand? Not only can The Bridge take us anywhere on the planet but also it can be sent anywhere it is needed. It could bring valuable supplies to those in need when disaster strikes; it could allow you to travel to every Council of Elders across the world in one day."

The oldest of the Elders still condemned him for his crime against nature and vowed he and his creation would suffer the ultimate price, destruction. Only a few of the younger Elders took Amuth-hal's side and petitioned for a severe penance to be placed upon Amuth-hal for his crime instead of outright destruction. They argued that he should be condemned to regrow the forest that he destroyed for the rest of his days and that his titles as a sorcerer and an architect be stripped from him and for him to be denied access to the wonder of “The Bridge,” forever.

The others insisted Amuth-hal face destruction but conceded that “The Bridge” would not be destroyed as long as Amuth-hal gave his life force to the land that he razed. On this the Elders agreed and it was put to Amuth-hal if he would accept the decision or fight the ruling. To their surprise, he agreed.

"I give my life freely if it will save my creation. I will give the land my soul and my magic; all I ask is that I be allowed to perform the Naming at the Aolstace before I go through the Joining."

The Elders accepted his chosen fate. And so it is that “The Bridge” was presented to the clans at Aolstace and named Jaua Ae-rielun, or Heart of the World. He then bonded the magic of “The Bridge” to the Stones so that the Elders could command it. Then Amuth-hal gave his soul and magic to the razed landed of Malecade and the laws of the Balance of the Four were restored. For when a tigé joins with the land, all his knowledge & magic are transferred to the land as well as all the knowledge and magic of his ancestors.

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:40 pm
by Knightfall
As the centuries past, the tigé became more comfortable with Jaua Ae-rielun; it became a way of life and symbol of pride amongst the people. Amuth-hal's name was praised for his creation and his crime was forgotten as the forest he desecrated grew back twice as strong due to the life force of he and his ancestors.

Unknown to them the magic that Amuth-hal had used had infected the wood used from the razed forest. This strange infection soon spread across the whole bridge and strange arcane symbols started to appear along “The Bridge.” The people didn't know what to make of these symbols and debate raged amongst the Elders as what action to take, if any. Some argued that the arcane symbols were simply part of what made “The Bridge” work as it did. Others worried that something had gone wrong and Jaua Ae-rielun's magic was failing, dooming the people to go back to the old ways.

No one ever questioned Amuth-hal's judgment or even remembered his crime as it had happened over 800 years ago. Indeed, Amuth-hal was considered to be somewhere between a saint and a god to the people. Only the longer-lived trooda remembered the man's crime and tried desperately to convince the Elders of the truth. The magic used to construct Jaua Ae-rielun had somehow tainted it and if something wasn't done then who knows what would happen.

The Elders heard the words of their noble saurian peers and believed it to be true. Something had to be done about Jaua Ae-rielun and it would have to be a hard, permanent choice. The problem was that “The Bridge” had become immune to things like fire, acid, and even the elements. It couldn't be destroyed — of that they were certain. But it could be banished from the world with powerful magic. Thus, Jaua Ae-rielun was cast into the Temporal Energy Plane, lost to time. The people cried out in sorrow at the lost of the Heart of the World and soon reverted to the old ways before “The Bridge” came. Little did they know that Jaua Ae-rielun would still influence their world in ways they could not imagine.

Temporal Sentience
For nearly 200 years, Jaua Ae-rielun would drift through the Temporal Energy Plane — its magic increasing and changing with time itself. And then in one moment the bridge became aware of what and where it was. It remembered everything — its birth, its use, and its eventual banishment. And somehow it sensed Rielun out there in time and knew it was meant to be here in this place. It was destined to become one with time and yet remained linked forever to Rielun. And with this knowledge, Jaua Ae-rielun faded from physical existence and merged with the Temporal Energy Plane.

Jaua Ae-rielun became aware of all time and the countless worlds that were born, existed, and died within the galaxy. It saw Rielun's past, present, and future. It was this last vision that showed it its true purpose. Jaua Ae-rielun would set Rielun down a path of change and conflict. To keep the world alive and vibrant one moment and near death and destruction the next. Yes, Rielun would change, the future was clear.

Until then, Jaua Ae-rielun would wait.

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:44 pm
by Knightfall
Now, what were centuries to the tigé and trooda was mere moments to Jaua Ae-rielun. Generations lived in died on Rielun; yet it was one breath in time to Jaua Ae-rielun.

"Now is their future..."

With a mere thought, Jaua Ae-rielun reached out and touched a world on the brink of destruction, appearing as a stone bridge spanning a gorge to a group of semi-intelligent reptiles fleeing a raging forest fire. These primitive humanoids quickly took advantage of the situation and started to cross Jaua Ae-rielun knowing that the strange rock wouldn't burn like the trees of their dying home.

Only after all of them had stepped onto the bridge did Jaua Ae-rielun act. “The Bridge” reached out to the primitives with its essence and increased their potential for knowledge. Advancing them hundreds of years in evolution and gifting them with psionic abilities, enhanced wisdom, the Temporal Divinity showed them its history and the history of Rielun. “The Bridge” then reshaped their bodies so that they stood tall and straight and gave them tremendous strength and speed. When it was finished, Jaua Ae-rielun transported them to shores of Malecade.

All this, Jaua Ae-rielun did with a single thought. “The Bridge,” then spoke to them.

"I name you teres! You have been chosen to go throughout this world and teach the tigé and the trooda of my evolution and prepare them for the changes to come. You are the Guardians of the Balance of the Four on this world. Now go!"

The teres heard and understood and went across the world to spread the knowledge of Jaua Ae-rielun's return.

When the teres spoke to the trooda, the saurians were overjoyed to learn that Jaua Ae-rielun had actually ascended and not gone mad like they had thought. The trooda welcomed their new reptilian friends into trooda society and two races became blood-brothers as the years passed — both dedicated to the Balance of the Four.

But when the teres appeared to the tigé, the result wasn't as positive. The tigé were shocked, some horrified, of what the teres told them. For centuries tigé society had degraded from power of the people to power of an elite few.

The Fall
The Elders of the Council of the Stones had fallen into decadence and tigé society had fragmented as a result. Strangely enough, full-blown war was still an unknown concept to the tigé even though minor conflicts has become common. The idea of tigé killing tigé was an abhorrent idea to even the most decadent of their race.

The appearance of the teres changed all that. The Elders declared the newcomers to be pariahs and banned their people from dealing with them. But society had fragmented so badly that millions of tigé across the world ignored the ruling and allowed the teres to speak the word of Jaua Ae-rielun at community council halls. Hundreds of thousands of tigé would come to listen to the words of the teres prophets. What they heard affected tigé society for generations.

However, the Elders, and those that had come to rely on the decadence behind the council, demanded justice. A highly advanced society based on peace and community quickly disintegrated with a world spanning war that lasted nearly 50 years. The Elders' elite hunters/guards, known as the Shashmala, actively hunted the teres.

And yet these events were what Jaua Ae-rielun had seen in the world's future and it knew this was the path that Rielun must take to survive the coming darkness. The tigé (and the trooda to a lesser extent) learned the art of war and, more importantly, the true value of peace and solidarity.

(And let me tell you, they were going to need it.)

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:38 pm
by Knightfall
Near the end of the 50 years that became known as the First War, a large fleet of goblinoid spelljammers entered Rielun's system by accident fleeing the Inhuman War. They had aligned themselves with darkness and millions of their kin had paid for that decision with their lives. However, known space is large with millions of worlds to hide out on and the goblinoids knew that the system was isolated enough to remain under the radar of their elven enemies and the Kings' Monarchy.

Thus, the goblins came to Rielun landing their starships in the hundreds along the southern shores of Malecade. They poured out to meet the denizens of this unknown world — a new even more destructive war started on Rielun. Orc versus trooda; goblin versus tigé; and hobgoblin versus teres. It was an end and a beginning.

The Second War, also known as the Dominance War, lasted for over a hundred years. The goblinoids spread their influence and destructive technology across Rielun. And now the trio of races that once fought with each other had a common enemy with strange steam-technology and flintlock weapons. The goblinoids might have had the advantage but the Children of the World, or Ethma'rieluna as they started to call themselves, had the advantage of solidarity and, as the years passed, they learned to use the weaknesses of their enemies and found ways to defeat the invaders. And then the goblinoids started fighting with each other as well as the Ethma'rieluna. They seemed determined to dominate one another as well as their foes. It was this trait that led to their defeat.

The Ethma'rieluna fought back with all their will and faith in the Heart of the World. Knowing that their patron had been preparing them for this since his return. The fought as a people united and won. Defeated, the goblinoids feared that they would put to death by their foes. Yet, they were to be part of Rielun's future and were not destroyed by the Ethma'rieluna. The teres spoke to the remaining goblinoids and told them of the past and the future.

"Jaua Ae-rielun has brought you here for a reason. One day your people will be great leaders and soldiers on this world and many others. The Heart has seen this to be true and beckons us to teach you discipline, patience, and morality. Now come, take your rightful place amongst the Ethma'rieluna and let us celebrate our great victory today!"

Most of the goblinoids were in awe of the words of the teres; how could they, nay, how could the Heart of the World simply forgive their actions and accept them into his fold? No one had ever shown compassion or love too them before; no one had ever taught them inner strength. However, many of the goblinoids remained foul of heart and were cast from the shores of Malecade to the untamed islands of the Sea of Pillars. The remaining goblinoids took their place amongst the Ethma'rieluna.

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:01 pm
by Knightfall
The Ethma'rieluna lived in relative peace for over 300 years in a period that became known as the Enlightenment. Only minor skirmishes with the evil seafaring goblinoids that the Ethma'rieluna called the Sermath'kah, or Darkness from the Sea, broke this time of peace.

However, the other goblinoids took their place amongst the Ethma'rieluna and thrived. The orcs became staunch leaders in politics and even respected sorcerers. The goblins grew to see nature in all its beauty and became druids and rangers. But it was the hobgoblins that would protect the Ethma'rieluna from the predatory Sermath'kah. They took to the sea against their old allies and many a hobgoblin sea captain became a beloved hero among the Ethma'rieluna.

Major political change also came about after the Second War. The races came to an agreement to merge their respective societies while keeping those traditions that remained within the laws of Balance of the Four. A new ruling body that spoke from the people replaced the decadent Council of Stones. Any member of the six races could speak in the Halls of Balance or become an Elder regardless of wealth, class, or sex. The only requirement was that the speaker be of age amongst his people and follow the rules of respect and honor that the Halls demanded. Violence and slanderous remarks were forbidden in the Halls.

Each continent had its own Hall built but it was the Hall of the Heart on Malecade that became the greatest center for debate and reason. It was the center of Ethma'rieluna society. Major advances in magic, science, and steam technology revolutionized life. The goblinoids taught the other Children of the World the power of these gifts. Future generations mastered the life sciences as well as mathematics, which lead to breakthroughs in medicine/healing, spelljamming, and clockworks. Rielun was well on its way towards becoming advanced enough to draw the attention of the rest of known space.

The Perciah
The galaxy knew nothing of the world of Rielun. Four hundred and eighty years past from the start of the Dominance War to the first encounter that the Kings’ Monarchy had with a Ethma'rieluna spelljammer. In that time, the Ethma'rieluna had progressed further in 300 years then most other civilizations had in 2,000. And they did it learning from outdated steam-technology that had been worse than second rate when the goblinoids fled the Inhuman War.

The Monarchy spelljammer that encountered the Ethma'rieluna was known as The Perciah. The captain, an elven pilot named Emeryth Symbytha, was amazed at how far the goblinoids had progressed in culture and civility. He insisted that the Ethma'rieluna starship travel with The Perciah to Anagarred where the Kings’ Senate would decide if the world of Rielun would be allowed to enter into the service of the Kings’ Monarchy. The Ethma'rieluna captain, a teres psion named Raaeth-Kal, refused.

"We have heard a great deal about this Monarchy from our brethren, and we do not trust these few that are so quick to annex entire worlds of people. And while I realize that our brethren's view of the Monarchy is tainted by thousands of years of conflict, mine is not. It was decided centuries ago that the Ethma'rieluna would agree to peace with the Kings' Senate but would not become their vassals. I hope that your Elders will respect our wishes."

To say that the Monarchy captain was upset is an understatement. His was not a request; it was a standing order. Any world that gained the knowledge of steam technology and spelljamming were forced to at least show some obedience towards the Kings’ Monarchy. While entry into the Monarchy wasn't necessarily a requirement, the Kings’ Senate refused to be snubbed. Emeryth tried to explain but Raaeth-Kal would have none of it.

"Yes, yes, I know all of that. Our brethren has taught us the Senate's system of diplomacy, but it goes so against what the Ethma'rieluna stands for that we cannot honor such improper behavior. One should never force another against their will. The brethren and we have learned this and take it to heart. I realize that our brethrens' ancestors caused a great deal of suffering amongst the systems of the Monarchy but one should not condemn the child for the actions of the parent. I also realize that this will come as little comfort to you and your Monarchy but it is what the Heart of the World teaches. I ask you, would you accept it if this Monarchy forced the elven people to give up what they believe in most? Would you accept the betrayal of your ideals and faith if they told you to do so?"

Captain Symbytha was at a loss. The teres words struck home in a way that he only knew when in the peace of the Reverie. Something spoke from deep within him to trust in the words of this Heart of the World. For over a fortnight the two spelljammers traveled together. Not towards Anagarred but towards the system of the Ethma'rieluna and Rielun. The crew of The Perciah listened to the words of Raaeth-Kal intrigued by the unique society that the Ethma'rieluna had built.

When The Perciah neared its destination, Captain Symbytha announced that he was retiring from his position in the Monarchy and traveling to Rielun to see the Ethma'rieluna culture for himself. As his last official act as the captain of The Perciah he ordered his first mate to turn the ship around and head back to Anagarred to inform the Kings’ Senate of his decision and the existence of the Ethma'rieluna.

Half of the crew also refused to go back to the Kings’ Monarchy and went with their captain against orders from the first mate. They wished to see this world for themselves and cared little for the objections of the irate first mate. The Kings’ Senate would conceive their actions as treason and the decision made by the deserting crewmembers would affect the world of Rielun for hundreds of years to come.

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:06 pm
by Knightfall
The Perciah arrived back at the Imperial home world of the Kings’ Monarchy with little fanfare, but after the first mate spoke in front of the Kings’ Senate of the treason of his captain and shipmates, news of the Ethma'rieluna quickly spread throughout the Monarchy. Who were these insolent backworlders who dared defy the greatest empire to every exist in known space? And worse yet, they had aligned themselves with the descendants of the servants of darkness.

The high rankings members of the Elven Armadas insisted on swift, decisive action that would destroy the descendants of their ancient, hated foes. Yet, a haggard debate soon consumed the Kings’ Senate as the Kings and Queens of the Hundred Worlds bickered endlessly about who would receive the honor of destroying the Ethma’rieluna. Dozens of armadas were formed and it was all the Emperor-King could do to keep the worlds of Kings’ Senate from launching an all out attack on the Ethma'rieluna as well as each other.

The first mate watched the madness consume the monarchs and he was disgusted. He wished he had stayed with the Ethma'rieluna as he had also found their words and society inspiring. He and his remaining shipmates stole The Perciah and set sail through the Ether Void of the Forever Stars back to Rielun. The departure of The Perciah went unnoticed and only after hundreds of loyal spelljammers began deserting to seek out this New World that proudly proclaimed its independence, did the Emperor-King quell the debate in the senate and decree that his personal armada would destroy the Ethma'rieluna.

The Wrath of the Emperor-King
A thousand spelljammers left the world of Anagarred charged with the destruction of the Ethma'rieluna and conquer the world of Rielun. The trip to Rielun’s system was a long one, however, and the crew of The Perciah had arrived at Rielun nearly a year ahead of the invading fleet. They warned the Ethma'rieluna of the Kings’ Monarchy intentions and begged to join the ranks of the Ethma'rieluna. In the Hall of the Heart, the former captain of The Perciah now spoke the wisdom of the Jaua Ae-rielun.

“You are welcome to stay, my friends, but you must cast aside old prejudices and accept the laws of the Balance of the Four.”

The crewmembers readily agreed. Throughout the year before the Emperor-King’s Armada arrived, the deserting ships of the Monarchy arrived at Rielun seeking the wondrous lifestyle of Rielun that they had heard of. What they found was a grand civilization preparing for war against their homeland. The newcomers were torn. Would they fight to protect this world or to conquer it?

Then the armada of the Emperor-King of Anagarred arrived and complete chaos ensued. The Ethma'rieluna and their new allies fought to protect their people and their world while dozens of factions fought to either claim Rielun or hold off the invading Imperial fleet. This was the beginning of what would become the Third War of Rielun, the Thousand Ships War, or the Ether Void War.

The world of Rielun and known space would never be the same again.

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:15 pm
by Knightfall
Okay, I've been wracking my brain for years trying to firgure out how to mesh what I'm creating for Rielun with the canon from the Spelljammer campaign setting. And you know what? It's just not what I want to do for my Steampunk Spelljammer cosmology. Yes, all the core material of Spelljammer exists in this alternate Spelljammer universe, but I cannot let the canon dictate what I want to write for the remaining parts of Rielun's history. I simply need to write what I want to write and shoehorn the coolness of Spelljammer's accessories and adventures in after the fact.

Thus, before I add anything else to this thread, I MUST write the next section of Rielun's history, starting right now!

Re: Time of Ages | Steampunk Spelljammer

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:12 pm
by Knightfall

The Armada of the Emperor-King arrived at Rielun's isolated sphere to find not just a world prepared for its arrival but an entire system. The fleet had not seen such resistance since the height of the Inhuman Wars. The Emperor-King did not hesitate, however. He threw his spelljamming fleet at the defenses of the Ethma'rieluna. What he did not account for was the number of spelljammers that had deserted to the remote system. Thousands of spelljammers came at his fleet and the initial battle that ensued lasted nearly a month. More fleets arrived and lines were drawn. The worlds of the Kings' Senate took sides in the conflict and battle after battle raged across the system.

The other worlds of Rielunspace became the battlefields of intense steam-powered mecha battles. While those worlds had no intelligent life, the worlds' ecosystems were shattered by the weapons of the Kings' Monarchy. Enraged by the callousness of the invaders the Ethma'rieluna launched suicidal missions to destroy the despoilers of the Balance of the Four. Hundreds of lives were snuffed out in hopes of restoring the life torn from the worlds of Rielunspace.

Ethma'rieluna soldiers and knights sacrificed their life forces as Amuth-hal had done to regrow the razed forest he had destroyed to build the Heart of the World. Their souls merged with the dying worlds in hopes of saving them.

The Emperor-King, in his lust for vengeance, struck at the heart of the system. He sent 5,000 spelljammers to either conquer Rielun or destroy it. The assault would have succeeded if not for the actions of the Elven Armadas. The elves of the Ether Void had come to see the benefits of enlightenment and turned on the Kings' Monarchy at the last possible moment. The Dwarven Alliance also refused to attack, but they also refused to side with the Ethma'rieluna — the old grudges against the Goblinoid Brethren ran to deep. Their citadels retreated from the system; they returned home to debate what to do next.

The result was that the Emperor-King found himself completely outmatched. His fleet was destroyed before his eyes but he refused to surrender. In an act of pure malevolence, he set his Imperial Throneship, Thundermount, on a collision course with Rielun. The faithful of the Ethma'rieluna sacrificed themselves one after another in order to stop the colossal ship. They could not. Thundermount crashed into the heart of the continent of Malecade. The resulting explosion engulfed the world in flames.

The world did not die, however. The Elders of the Ethma'rieluna sacrificed their life forces to their world. The lands was torn but not broken and the first aspects of what would become known as the Wildlands of Malecade were formed.

The War Spreads
The scions of the Elven Armada watched the destruction of Thundermount in horror. Never before had such a horrific act been taken in war and they knew the Kings' Monarchy could not be saved from corruption. The scions swore peace with the Ethma'rieluna and left Rielunspace. However, many of their people stayed to help the worlds of the shattered system rebuild and prepare for the next assault. The scions contacted the leaders of the Dwarven Alliance and told them of the fate of the Emperor-King. The dwarves voted and severed ties with the Kings' Monarchy.

As the news spread, other worlds either reaffirmed their loyalty to Anagarred or suceded. Old grudges came to the surface and the war that had been isolated to Rielunspace spread throughout the Ether Void of the Forever Stars. Spelljammers launched from thousands of worlds. Battles raged across arcane space and all were consumed in its fires. Beholders battled beholders. Giths battled illithids. Elves & halflings battled drow & orcs. Dwarves & dracons battled duergar & derro. Gnomes battled kobolds. Mongrelfolk slaves rose up against their neogi masters. The loyal followers of the Kings' Monarchy waged war on the Elven Armadas and the Dwarven Alliance as well as anyone else that challenged them. And factions on all sides tried in vain to control the fate of Rielun.

The Ethma'rieluna held on for dear life and tried to remain out of the worst of the conflict. Some of their people were pulled in, regardless, and the races of Rielun spread beyond the boundaries of Rielunspace.

This was the Ether Void War and it lasted (in one form or another) for 300 years.

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After the destruction of Thundermount, word of the Emperor-King's death soon reached Anagarred. The Monarchy's Senate fell into turmoil for nearly a year. Fist fights and spell battles often erupted in the senate. The world became one of chaos. The powerful Daggers of Anagarred assassins guild killed any who tried to subvert the Emperor-King ascension process. Factions warred with each other for the right of Imperial Ascension. Eventually, a new Emperor-King was named — an expatriated dark elf from the world of Krynn named Lorac Silidast.

This new Emperor-King viciously put down all resistance on Anagarred and declared the Elven Armadas traitors to the Kings' Monarchy. He sent out waves of newly built Spelljammers to reconquer the worlds that had suceded from the monarchy. He cared nothing for Rielun and instead set his sights on Krynn, which payed lip service to the Kings' Senate but had never been an official vassal world. His goal — to ruin the world. The armadas Emperor-King Lorac sent against Krynn met with powerful resistance and his desire to destroy the world and its sphere goes unfulfilled.

As the Ether Void War progressed, the throneworld of Anagarred fell into darkness and decadence worse than it ever had before. Powerful guilds of drow, illithids, and scro rose to prominence. The Emperor-King underwent a dark ritual that transformed him into a fiendish drider-like creature. The entire world is marked for death by the scions of the Elven Armada and massive fleet battles are fought throughout the sphere in the last century of the war.

The monstrous Emperor-King refused to surrender its power and secretly began building two massive fleets in hidden systems.

During the fall of Anagarred, Rielun was forgotten by many in the wider universe. However, others saw the Ether Void War as an opportunity either to escape the stagnation of the Kings' Monarchy to seek enlightenment on Rielun or to set up as warlords on the dozen war-torn worlds of Rielunspace. Races and civilizations came from all the core worlds of Known Space — dwarves & elves from Toril, halflings & gnomes from Oerth, and draconians, kender, & minotaurs from Krynn. And humans from dozens of worlds made the pilgrimage to Rielunspace to seek solace away from the war.

On Rielun, the Ethma'rieluna rebuild their world and allowed those seeking enlightenment to join their ranks. They do their best to keep the machinations of would-be conquerors from gaining a foothold on Rielun. However, the tigé and the trooda are forced to withdraw into the wildlands and the teres and the brethren struggled to protect the world's fragile ecosystem from predatory warlords. The worst of them are repelled. Neutral factions settle on Rielun's moon, known as Jarad, and build their own civilizations not aligned to any external force or to each other.

The Battle for Krynn
Near the end of the Ether Void War, Anagarred was soon one step away from utter ruin. Then the Emperor-King put his dark plan into motion. He sent out one of his hidden fleets against the forces blockading the Sphere of Kings. Its numbers were in the hundreds of thousands and the battle that ensued would result in the sundering of the Elven Armadas and the complete ruin of Anagarred. Lorac cared nothing for the fate of the throneworld. He set the second part of his plan in motion with the launching of his secondary fleet towards Krynn. This fleet wasn't as massive but its ships were colossal constructs that ripped through the defenses of Krynnspace. For each Imperial throneship that was destroyed hundreds of spelljammers were lost.

Without the aid of the Elven Armadas, the Dwarven Alliance and the allied worlds of the sphere were soon hard pressed by the darkness of Emperor-King Lorac's forces. The Stellar Islands and Nehzmyth were quickly overwhelmed and pillaged. Zivilyn and Chislev attempted to parley with the Emperor-King, but he would not hear their pleas. His forces slaughtered millions in his ultimate goal to reach Krynn. He cared nothing for Reorx and Sirion. All of this Lorac accomplished in a matter of weeks.

Once his fleet reached the world of Krynn, the remaining forces from his other fleet arrived in the system trailed by the few hundred remaining Elven Armada ships. The fleet battle that resulted made the battle for Rielunspace over 290 years earlier seem insignificant. Emperor-King Lorac threw everything he had at the forces arrayed against him. Hundreds of illithid tyrant ships led the assault; they had been promised Krynn's people as their slaves. A hundred dwarven citadels led the defense of Krynn. The battle raged for months without end.

Eventually, the defenders gained the advantage but the Emperor-King had a secret weapon. Not even his closest advisers had known this truth. He had discovered the secret of how the worlds of the Astromundi Cluster had been destroyed. If he could not have Krynn then no one would. His largest throneship, Antipathy, sped off towards Sirion escorted by hundreds of spelljammers. He chanted the magicks that would turn the ship into a weapon and plowed it into the fire body at full speed. The resulting explosion of elemental energy obliterated Sirion, Reorx, and Krynn. The allied forces of Krynnspace sailed for the spheres edge trying to outrun the wave of fire and magma as it burned the other worlds.

Krynnspace died that day.

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Knightfall wrote:Krynnspace died that day.

Very interesting so far, can't wait to read more.

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Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
Knightfall wrote:Krynnspace died that day.

Very interesting so far, can't wait to read more.
I'll say! Woot awesomeness!!!

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Azaghal wrote:
Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
Knightfall wrote:Krynnspace died that day.

Very interesting so far, can't wait to read more.
I'll say! Woot awesomeness!!!
I'll get back to this when I can.

It is always a second priority to Kulan, but I do wish I had more time for it.

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"The Lions of Malecade"
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"A Difference of Opinion"
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Copied over from EN World (modified)

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by Knightfall
Standard Races

D&D v.3.5

Pre-3e D&D Races

New Races
Maronel [high goblin]

Copied over from EN World (modified)

Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:07 pm
by Knightfall
Nonstandard Races

D&D v.3.5
Elf, Aquatic
Gnome, Wavecrest
Half-Dragon [template]
Sea Kin
Minotaur (based on Krynn minotaur design from DLCS)

Pre-3e D&D Races

d20 System Races
Asherake [Oathbound Wildwood]
Gnome, Steam [Bluffside: City on the Edge]
Ooloi [Legends & Lairs Mythic Races]
Rhoode [Legends & Lairs Mythic Races]
Sel'varahn [Bluffside: City on the Edge]

New Races
Selrahmus [high gargoyle]
Vernachae [winged drow]

Copied over from EN World (modified)

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by Knightfall
Races of the Ether Void

D&D v.3.5
Catfolk [Rakasta]
Dracotaur (maybe)
Dwarf, Dream (maybe)
Elf, Aerenal
Elf, Valenar
Goatfolk [Ibixian]
Gnome, Chaos
Gnome, Whisper
Halfling, Khorvaire
Halfling, Talenta

Pre-3e D&D Races
Chattur (maybe)
Dohwar (maybe)
Gnome, Tinker
Lizardfolk, Wildspace
Wiggle [Hurwaet] (maybe)

d20 System Races
Blickish *
Dragori [Bluffside Dry Land: Empires of the Dragon Sands]
Eleti *
Faust [Oathbound Wildwood]
Frey [Oathbound Wildwood]
Hukhamet [Bluffside Dry Land: Empires of the Dragon Sands] (maybe)
Illonis *
Nightling [Oathbound Wildwood]
Niomus *
Pevishan *
Rhonians *
Siarran *
Sixam Ieuna [Bluffside: City on the Edge]
Uthuk Y'llan *
* Legends & Lairs Mythic Races

New Races
Dragonborn (homebrewed version of 4e race)
Tiefling (homebrewed version of 4e race)

Copied over from EN World

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by Knightfall
Standard Classes

D&D v.3.5
Urban Ranger

d20 System Classes
Animal Lord *
Artificer *
Musketeer *
Urban Druid *
* Legends & Lairs Sorcery & Steam

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Nonstandard Classes

D&D v.3.5
Psychic Warrior

d20 System Classes
Arcane Mechanik (maybe) *
Bodger *
Gun Mage *
* Iron Kingdoms Character Guide

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by Knightfall
D=Demigod; L=Lesser; I=Intermediate; G=Greater; O=Overdeity.

The Temporal God
Jaua Ae-Rielun [O]
- [Neutral] : Time, Rielun, Jarad, bridges, fate, magic, travel

Gods of Rielun
Baruon [D]
- [Lawful Evil] : Evil, corruption
- [Chaotic Neutral] : Thieves, tricksters
- [Neutral] : Death
Dragos [G]
- [Neutral] : Dragons, strength
- [Neutral Good] : Love, beauty, charm
Kelos [G]
- [Lawful Neutral] : Law, steam technology
Mardin [D]
- [Neutral Good] : The Wildlands
Nay [G]
- [Neutral] : Magic
- [Lawful Good] : Nobility, honor
Rynne [D]
- [Lawful Good] : Knights, paladins
Sar'pa [L]
- [Chaotic Good] : Freedom, redemption
Selin [G]
- [Neutral] : Nature
- [Neutral] : Sorcery, steamcraft

Gods of Jarad
Jara [G]
- [Neutral] : Jarad, magic, nature
Sull [D]
- [Neutral] : Clockworks

Other Common Deities of the Ether Void

Copied over from EN World (always being modified)

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by Knightfall
Names and Places for Rielun

Argethon (southern pole)
Biarr [hidden from most of the world]
Heuveon (northern pole)

Major Islands
Dragon Island
Sevle [hidden from most of the world]

Steam Metropolises
Dragon City
Heath's City

Medieval-style Cities
Evere Bay

Major Castles and Keeps
Brass Keep
Sorcerer's Hold
Sunset Skymountain

Major Ruins
Citnow [steam metropolis]
Delvir Shrine [holy site]
Perc [steam metropolis]

Bays, Gulfs, and Seas
Bay of Lions
Bay of Mathere
Bay of the Eldan
Bay of Wine
Gulf of Steam
Ide Bay
Islet Bay
Percian Gulf
Rames Bay
Sea of Honor
Sea of Pillars
Sea of the Lost
Steam Dragon Bay
The Dragons' Sea
The Shadow Sea
Vecar Bay

Mountain Ranges
Ranquist Mountains
Skyforge Mountains
The Hellpeaks
The Lionmounts